Top 10 Best Mobile Companies in the world 2019

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In the cell phone showcase, the character of Apple is iPhone and it is the explanation behind Apple’s second position in the cell phone advertise. In Q1 2017 the piece of the overall industry of Apple was 14.7%.

In 2017 Apple’s iPhone X was the most imaginative telephone of the year and it was incorporated into the rundown of twenty five  great  creations of the year.

Now it is the high time that Apple should look forward to realize what it needs to accomplish yet however look down too. Know about the portable organizations that may outperform it, in its numbness. Huawei has plans to outperform Apple in past two years and become the second greatest organization on the planet according to Huawei CEO’s case. Apple should know how it needs to hold its position while looking forward.


Samsung is administering the versatile market everywhere throughout the world. By and by it is the main cell phone organization around the whole world. In Q2 2017, Samsung piece of the overall industry was 22%.

Unmistakably, Samsung is the pioneer regarding its business, execution, and piece of the overall industry however in 2017 there was very little progress and development  in the offers of Samsung. Universe S8 and S8+ did great however the offers of mid-extend J and A progression of Samsung telephones decreased  which is a point to contemplate for the organization.


Huawei is the third driving portable organization known globally. According to Q1 2017 record, the piece of the overall industry of Huawei was only  10%. In China, Huawei is the most mainstream telephone creator uptill, it presently can’t seem to secure that position everywhere throughout the world. Huawei P arrangement and Mate arrangement is very renowned all inclusive. By 2019-2020 Huawei affirm that it will outperform Apple’s situation in the versatile market.

In the USA Huawei telephones are experiencing difficulty, the administration of the USA feels that Huawei organization is spying for China through their telephones. Huawei needs to change this speculation to compete with  Apple later on.


In a very short period of time OPPO has made his place in the list of top smartphones companies.It stands on the fourth position in best phones known globally.According to 2017 Q1 OPPO  market share is 7.5%.


Vivo is another Chinese cell phone producer with 5.5% piece of the pie. The organization is the fifth biggest portable organization known throughout the world.

The organization needs to investigate more markets and spread its business in Europe too. As of now, the organization is concentrating more on Asia and parts of Africa. For worldwide achievement, worldwide market and advancement are fundamental.


Xiaomi is the sixth biggest versatile organization on the planet. There was a period in Q3 2017 when offers of Xiaomi flooded and its piece of the pie developed to 7% yet it was not held.

Consistency in its deals. The market in India of Xiaomi is very solid, holding it ought to be the objective of the organization.


Out of the considerable number of organizations, OnePlus is the most youthful of all but then it has turned into the seventh driving versatile organization on the planet. In India, in Q4 2017 OnePlus had 48% piece of the pie which is immense.

The bit of leeway OnePlus has over others is that it offers moderate telephones with premium highlights for the individuals.


Lenovo is mobile phone company as well as best PC maker company known throughout the world.It is 8th best mobile phone company.Market share of lenovo in the world is 3.2%.


Nokia figured out how to snatch 1% piece of the overall industry in Q4, 2017. In the second from last quarter of 2017, Nokia was the eighth driving versatile organization on the planet yet right now it is at ninth position.


LG has a solid market in the USA. In Q1 2017 LG got 20% of the USA cell phone advertise which is honorable. Generally speaking it is the tenth driving versatile organization on the planet.

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