Top 10 Best Selling Game Consoles Of All the Time

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Console gaming has become an important part of life these days. Consoles are graphical powerhouses that are capable of bringing smooth and realistic animations.

10.PlayStation Portable, 77-88 million units

Sony introduced first hand held gaming console known as play station portable. Japan is the place where it was initially released in year 2004. At that time 77-88 million units of this gaming console was sold out.

At the end of 2013 19 million play stations portable were sold out in Japan. Other features include USB 2.0 and memory stick port.

.PlayStation Portable

9.Nintendo Entertainment System, 61.9 million units

Nintendo introduce 8-bit console game in 1983 that was released in Japan. After that it was released in Europe, North America and Australia. It is the best selling console of all the time with 61.9 million units to be sold out.

It has a directional pad and offers series such as the legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and final fantasy. Best game on Nintendo Entertainment system is Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt and stack-up.

8.Game Boy Advance. 81.51 million Units

Having title of “game boy” it is the last handheld game console of Nintendo. The year of released of Game boy is 2001. About 81.51 million units of Game boy were sold out by 2010. The game has 32-bit CPU and it delivers 17 times more computing speed than its predecessors.

The most popular titles on game boy advance include super Mario advance, final fantasy VI advance and the legend of Spyro: the eternal night.

7.Play station 3, 80 million units

Play station 3 is the descendant of play station 2 that was released in market in 2006 in Japan. As a primary storage device play station is the first game console to use blue ray disc that has the ability to store 54 GB of data.

It has other features which include USB ports, Bluetooth2.0 port, one HDMI port and wireless connectivity. Memory card adapter, Blue-ray remote control, and HDMI AV cable are also available with Play station 3.

6.Wii, 101.15 million Units

Wii is home video game console released by Nintendo on 19 November 2006. In 2009 the company sold approximately 101.15 million of this game console. It allows the users to direct the game by the use of physical gestures. Nintendo Wii also features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

5.Xbox 360, 83.7 million units

Xbox 360 is manufactured by Microsoft in 2005. It is the second console game of Xbox series by Microsoft. It has dual quality that it can be both used as video game and DVD movie player. It also allows the user to play with their friend via online gaming.

In 2013 Microsoft sold 83.7 million units of Xbox around the whole world. Wireless controllers, motion-sensing camera and harder disc storage are also present in Xbox 360.

xbox 360

4.Game Boy, 118.6 million units

Game Boy was released in 1989 in Japan followed by international market in next year that is 1990.Game Boy is the first ever handheld game console in game boy series. One of the most promising features of game boy is thirty hours of play back. Nintendo game boy also featured the nominal digital camera in the world which was recognized by Guinness book of world records in 1999.

3.Play station, 102.9 million units

Sony released the play station in the year 1994. It is the first ever game console to reach 100 million shipments. It can also be used to play audio CDs.

2.Nintendo DS, 153.99 million units

It was released in 2004.Nintendo DS is a dual screen handheld game console. In June 2014 about 153.9 million units of this game console sold out. It supports multiplayer gaming using one game card.

1.Play station 2, 155 million units

Sony PlayStation 2 is the top of the line game console ever. In March 2012, Sony sold 155 million units of PlayStation 2. The subsequent game console in PlayStation arrangement discharged on fourth March 2000. There are 3870 game title had been released for PlayStation 2 since 2000.It also supports DVD and CD play back.

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