Top 10 Best Universities In Netherland

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 1. Utrecht University

12 Nobel Prize beneficiaries have moved on from Utrecht University. The school as of now offers 12 Bachelor certificate programs and 98 Master qualification programs taught in English.

2 University of Amsterdam

This is the Netherlands’ biggest college with more than 32,000 enrolled understudies. UofA at present offers 17 Bachelor certificate programs and 195 full-time Master qualification programs taught in English.

3 Leiden University

Estalished  in 1575,this is the most seasoned college in the Netherlands (and one of the most established in Europe). It as of now offers 14 Bachelor certificate programs and almost 80 Master qualification programs taught in English.

4 University of Groningen

This Dutch university is situated  in the north of the Netherlandshas been around for more than 400 years (established in 1614). The school offers more than 35 Bachelor qualification programs and over 130 Master certificate programs taught in English.

5 Erasmus University Rotterdam

Situated in the Netherlands’ second largest city, Erasmus University is  currently offerring 15 Bachelor degree programs and 86 Master degree programs taught in English. The Rotterdam School of Management  which is the part of Erasmus University is positioned  within the top 10 best MBA schools in Europe.

6 Wageningen University & Research Center

This Dutch school of higher education is located near the city of Arnhem in the central part of the Netherlands. It specializes in life sciences and currently offers six Bachelor degree programs and thirty seven Master degree programs taught in English.

7 Radboud University Nijmegen

This Dutch university was established  in 1923 and is also situated  close to the city of Arnhem, near the German border. The Radboud University is  currently offering  fourteen Bachelor degree programs and eleven Master degree programs taught in English.

8 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Established  in 1880, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is situated  in the Dutch capital’s business district. The college  is currently offering fourteen Bachelor degree programs and about one-thirty  Master degree programstaught in English.

9 Delft University of Technology

This Dutch university, situated  near The Hague, is at the spearhead of technical research and engineering. The total strength  of students is about 23,000 , university offers both graduates and under-graduates programs. TU Delft currently offers sixteen Bachelor degree programs and thirty-five Master degree programs taught in English.

10 Maastricht University

This Dutch university is situated in the very south of the Netherlands, near the Belgian and  borders of German. It  is currently offering sixteen Bachelor degree programs and fifty-three Master degree programs taught in English.

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