Top 10 best Xbox One games of all time

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There are many PC mobiles and other video games in the world. But now in this time many of the big world games played on Xbox. Here we discuss the top ten games of modern time played on Xbox. There is a lot of fun by many peoples in the world by the introduction of Xbox games.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5:

It is one of the best open-world games across the globe. It is played in every country. Every gamer wants this game in its PC and Xbox. This is a rockstar game. It is the world’s best game presented by a rockstar company. The character of this open-world game does everything which they want in the game.

. Grand Theft Auto 5:

2. Red Dead Redempton 2:

This is another open-world game. Many users across the world play this game. This is one of the best games played on Xbox. Xbox games are very popular. This is the 40 hour game with a lot of users. In this game, you can do many things meet strangers, and do many secret levels. In this game, you can do bank robbery and having your own places from where you can start games.

3. Assassin creed odysseys:

It is the world-famous game after Assassin creed origins. This is the Xbox game in which you can explore many things. The story is of ancient times. There is a lot of battles you saw in this open-world game. And also a few romantic scenes in this game. This game is too much popular on Xbox and millions of users of this game in the world.

Assassin creed odysseys:

4. Forza Horizon 4:

This is also one of the best ever Xbox games. Million of users on Xbox play this brilliant edition of Forza Horizon. It is a racing game. It is an amazing racing series all over the world. It has the blitzing rules of racing games.

5. Titanfall 2:

Titan fall 2 is an action game on another planet. The story of the game begins with a pilot that crashed on the titan planet. This is the fps game on Xbox. It is a popular game on Xbox among the gamers of the world. On the idea of titan fall, 2 calls of duty released. The modern warfare is too craziest game ever on Xbox. This is completely a game of war. In which the game character can use titan weapons steadily which are able to destroy the world.

6. A way out:

A way out is the Xbox game. It is in top ranking and played by many peoples on Xbox. This is the two-character game that is working together. Both characters work together and do tasks. This is the best ever Xbox game that makes memories at the end of this game.

A way out:

7. Rise of Tomb Raider:

This is also one of the best action games of Xbox. This game is with 4k quality. This game is played by many peoples across the world. This game is an action game. It has millions of users on the Xbox. The looks of the game are incredible. This is a shootout game played by many users in the world.

8. Rainbow six siege:

This is the smartest shootout game on the Xbox. Many peoples on Xbox play this game. This is the fps shootout game ever. Many peoples play this game. This game is the best horror game with extremely brilliant graphics. The start of the game is like a movie. Then the game is so famous. A lot of Xbox users choose this game.

9. Resident evil remake:

This is the horror Xbox game. There are many users like this type of horror game. The game introduces in 1996. It is a gorgeous looking graphical game. The graphic of this game is awesome. It is played by many peoples across the globe on Xbox.

10. Tekken 7:

This is a wrestling game. This game played on Xbox. Fighting games are played by many users on Xbox. Many of the characters in this game. In this game, two players are fighting in rounds to win the fight. Also, this game played online on Xbox.

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