Top 10 Best Zombie Movies Of All Time

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There are many horror movies made by Hollywood. The horror flicks of Hollywood are too brilliant. The zombie movies ever made in the Hollywood industry are very famous around the globe. Here I discuss the top 10 zombie movies made in the Hollywood industry. Here is the list of top 10 zombie movies.

1-“Ojuju” (C.J. Obasi, 2014)

When the water supply to an isolated Nigerian slum is affected, the neighborhood quickly turns into a carnivorous minefield. When a pregnant girlfriend begins to show some strange symptoms, the prospective father Romero should weigh his instincts to avoid suffering. He joins forces with a pair of smart elk friends, Peugeot, and a pair of escapees from the affected neighborhood, dodging zombie drug dealers, ex-lovers, friends, and other routes. Adding the ethnic characteristics of Lagos Shinta Town gives the zombie movie refreshing new sharia.

Against this backdrop, the pollution base in a country of 190 million people, where nearly half the population does not have access to clean water, is the result of a film that transcends the boundaries of terror, and a very large part of society. The reason is “OJuju”. Political speculation. Made by a young, professional filmmaker on a flashy budget, featuring a cast of mostly unknown actors in the West, the film’s beauty is well-suited to the seriousness, story, and style of the film. After all, Obasi’s stylized first start is an impressive Nigerian-style uprising of the zombie genre and the screaming talent of the viewer.

“Ojuju” (C.J. Obasi, 2014)

2- “28 Days Later” (Danny Boyle, 2002)

Danny Boyle’s dynamic, zombie horror vision is absolutely terrifying. The film follows survivors who, after 28 days of a viral pandemic, wreak havoc on the UK in the form of a devastating and incurable disease, which continues its aggression against its hosts. Leaves in a state of, which is filled with uncontrollable anger. A gripping and realistic representation of a society completely crippled by a mysterious new disease, the film questions the possibility that the way in which blindness, violent behavior causes it, exists within us and the virus simply causes it. Causes. The answers are as vague as most investigations of the human condition.

3- “Cemetery Man” (Michele Soavi, 1994)

In Michael Sowie’s unreal gothic fever dreams, the stars see Rupert Everett as the caretaker of a cemetery who may be losing his mind, but we are with him for the purposes of this wonderful film. Francisco Delamorte of Everett describes a passionate routine in which the man fights the underworld, which rises from the Italian cemetery after dark and forces him to engage in a serious show at night. As if that’s not disturbing, Francisco is also a romantic loner. It is only when he pushes a young widow to bury his bike boyfriend that he sees the potential for true companionship.

“Cemetery Man” (Michele Soavi, 1994)

4- Train to Busan” (Yeon Sang Ho, 2016)

Yeon Sang Ho’s Harvinder K horror entry “Train to Boson” (2016) strikes a great balance. “Shadow Age” star Gong Yu plays Seok Woo, a workaholic who has quit his job in finance and lives with his daughter’s daughter and wife, who lives in Busan. On his birthday, Seok Wu agreed to take the Bosan train from Seoul to his mother in Boston. But a simple father-daughter journey turns from hell to a journey, as a virus of unknown origin spreads rapidly on a train, transforming infected people into zombies in fast and frightening ways.

5- “Shaun of the Dead” (Edgar Wright, 2004)

Credit for having the best Queen Sui Drop ever in any movie: with “Don’t Me Ton Now”, a show between a group of Les Landers and a zombie hoard inside a cozy pub. And give him credit for presenting a true worldview: Wright presents his hero, as we often meet Londoners, trapped in the turmoil of the 21st century, living in their own little bubbles that He and his friends do not live. Notice that the zombie apocalypse is coming around them. At least, until they get closer. The first half of “Shawn of the Dead” is vaguely great: it feels too gibber to call it a “parody”, and it’s definitely not a standard horror film. In the end, it’s more about traditional zombie traps.

“Shaun of the Dead” (Edgar Wright, 2004)

6- Zombie” (Lucio Fulci, 1979)

“Zombie” is the most disgusting of all zombie stories, with serious makeup effects redeeming the most disgusting images that Greg Nicotero is looking for in “Walking Dead Wind”. There’s something in the beginning, especially in the Bible, about director Lucio Fulci’s horror show. Are alive to live together. As the bridge between the Hittite-origin zombie lore and the Romero-style zombie we’ve seen since “Night of the Living Dead” for their sins, the plot is about self-heritage in search of the Caribbean island. ۔ Her missing father, trapped in a hurricane that spreads rapidly.

7- REC” (Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, 2008)

Before the shot-for-shot American remake of “Sangroodhin”, footage of this claustrophobic Spanish footage brought fresh food of claustrophobia and terrorism to the zombie genre. A TV reporter and his cameraman are interviewing local firefighters as usual when an emergency call arrives. With firefighters in a nearby apartment, the news team began recording the screams of blood coming from inside an elderly woman’s unit.

News crews, firefighters, and residents are facing deadly terrorism from within after authorities sealed off the building to counter the threat. With the camera moving, everyone involved is less likely to survive. “REC” is very disturbing because it is moving in a restless clip, using the footage device found in a new kind of reinforcement in the concept of zombies.

REC” (Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza, 2008)

8- Rabid” (David Cronenberg, 1977)

Choosing between “Showers” or “Ribbed” as the Crowenberg title for a list of the best zombie movies: how difficult it is. The waves of Kronenberg’s early Canadian B-movie are great – it’s hard not to see the “showers” housed in a fully-fledged luxury condominium as part of the “Dawn of the Dead” consumer dream. Try polishing. A young woman undergoes major plastic surgery after an auto accident and undergoes a radical technique to get a splint under her armpit. Whenever men get a little too close to her, she stings them for no reason and infects those obscene heads with an angry virus that brings their most physical effects to the surface. One scene, in which she watches a XXX movie in a pornographic theater, results in a horny friend who wants to sit a little closer, which he bargains for more.

9- “Re-Animator” (Stuart Gordon, 1985)

Based on the HP-based Leocraft’s 1922 short story “Herbert West – Ryan Meter,” Stuart Gordon’s enduring Competitive Gore Fest classic is one of the best horror films of all time: Imagine Romero’s Made of Magazine “Nightlife” directed by staff. When medical student Dean Kane advertises for a roommate, he finds her in the form of Herbert West. Initially a bit eccentric, it becomes clear that the West is entertained by some seriously baseless theories, especially about re-activating men. It won’t be long before Dean finds himself under Western influence, and is embroiled in a knee-jerk experiment that threatens to get out of hand. It is among the latest zombie movies.

"Re-Animator” (Stuart Gordon, 1985)

10-“I Walked With a Zombie” (Jacques Tourneur, 1943)

“There is no beauty here, only death and destruction,” says the wealthy planter. “Everything goes well here. Even the stars. RKOK horror master Val Luton was firing on all the cylinders when he made this ruffle on the reality of the zombie lore in Voodoo Legend. Director Jacques Turner Hear the story of a young nurse brought to the rebellious small, legendary island of San Sebastian, attracted to the wife of the owner of the garden, who is apparently under the curse of Vahudi because of the sin of adultery. There is an extraordinary sense of sincerity. It is among the famous zomie movies.

“I Walked With a Zombie” (Jacques Tourneur, 1943)


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