Top 10 Bollywood Horror Movies That You Just Can’t Watch Alone

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Bollywood makes some movies that spoilt the reputation of Bollywood horror flicks. But it is not true to say that all Bollywood horror movies are like funny movies. Bollywood also makes some horror thrillers. Which can make the reputation of Bollywood horror flicks. Bollywood has produced many gems. Here is the list of 10 best horror Bollywood movies. they are very scary and no one able to watch them alone.

1-Bhoot (2003):

This is the best scary Bollywood horror movie. It is the last horror movie made by Raj Gopal Verma. This movie revolves around the character of a bhoot. The scary character of bhoot is seen many times in the whole movie. Which is the scary moment of the movie? They scream out loud moments of the movie makes it horror. This is great work by the whole team of this movie. This is the movie which is not easy to watching alone.

Bhoot (2003):

2-Ek Thi Dayan (2013):

This is also a dramatic Bollywood thriller. It is one of the best Bollywood horror movies. The story based on the dayans of society. The making of this panorama thriller is a brilliant effort to make something new. This is an out- and- outcross movie. Its basis on society dayans but spooky in itself. The drama is not looking natural but the stylized effort of the maker of the movie makes it like a real. It is too difficult to watch alone.

3-Shappit (2010):

This is one of the famous Bollywood horror movies. This movie is part of the Raaz trilogy. This thriller is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck. This is a thriller about the evils of society. This movie is like every Vikram Bhatt movie. At the end of the movie, you must think that the evil spirits and curses are real. The USP of the movie lies in its treatment.

Shappit (2010):

4-Raat (1992):

Raat is a very old Bollywood horror movie. But it is one of the finest supernatural thrillers by RGV. The movie based on a cat who was killed. After that, the soul of the cat comes in the girl. After this, the plot comes in motion. If you see this thriller than you cannot see the cats like that. You cannot see this horror movie alone.

Raat (1992):

5-Raaz (2002):

Raaz is also the finest horror thriller. This is one of the best Bollywood horror movies. It was the start of a horror movie in the 2000s. This movie is made by inspiring from the Bollywood director Michelle Pfeffer. The great work made by Pfeffer. But Bollywood matched the ever bips of Pfeffer. This is the start of the Raaz series. Which is the horror series? No one watches this movie alone.

6-Ragini MMS (2011):

This is the bold Bollywood horror movie. This is a movie that gives you some sleepless hours on your bed after watching this. Indian director made a thriller by inspired American supernatural thriller. Partly it is unlikely a real story. This is not made by actress sunny Leone but this makes the theatres full of people.

Ragini MMS (2011):

7-13 B (2009):

13B is the best Bollywood horror movie. This thriller is enough to raise the hairs on your body. This is completely not horror. But it is too scary n some scenes. This is a brilliant idea of Bollywood directors. If you are fond of this type of horror thrillers it is the best option. This is not full of scare some scenes are good. But you cannot watch it alone.

8-Bees Saal Baad (1962):

This is one of the mysterious Bollywood horror movies in the 20th century. This based on the woman walking on the road at night to spook the nation. This movie is turned to be grosser in 1962. This one of the most-watched movies in 1962. If “Bees Saal Baad” releases Pachas Saal Baad then it makes the money greater than it makes in 1962. It ever remains haunting. Do not watch it alone.

9-Horror Story (2013):

This movie is based on a group of youngsters. Who plans to spend the night in the haunted hotel. This makes the movie horror because the evils in the hotel get up. There are some scenes which make you jump from your place. But the whole movie is not like that. So chill that some scenes are very good. This is also a mysterious Bollywood horror movie of the era.

Horror Story (2013):

10-Darna Mana Ha (2003):

This is a brilliant horror thriller by RGV. Only Ramu is able to make the apple-like stories. The movie based on the 6-characters in a movie. this is on the list because its story is brilliantly innovative. This is also a scary Bollywood horror movie. This is too scary if you watch it alone. If you watch it alone it makes you sleepless on the bed.

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