Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods That Is better For Bone

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Calcium is the basic requirement of our body. It is the most plentiful mineral in the body. It is essential for bones and as well as for the contraction and relaxation of muscles. 99% of the calcium in our body is present in our bones and teeth. We must eat calcium rich foods to maintain the balance of our body. Naturally, it is present in many product intakes of those calcium rich foods that must be increased. Some food manufacturers add calcium in their products as an ingredient. Calcium supplements are also available in the market.

Along with calcium Vitamin D intake is also important because it assists our body to suck up calcium. Its sources are fish oil, and sunlight, etc. Calcium also performs an important role in maintaining heart functions. Daily intake of calcium for adults is 1000mg per day for women over 50 and for those whose ages are up to 70 recommended quantity of calcium is 1200mg. For children of ages4-18 1300mg of calcium is required.

Many calcium rich foods are Yogurt, sesame, tofu, seeds, cheese, canned salmon, etc.


Seeds are a great source of calcium. Calcium rich foods include seeds of different kinds such as Chia seeds, Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds, etc. Seeds contain many nutrients in condensed form. These are very essential for use in the diet.

One tablespoon of Chia seeds contains about 90mg of calcium.  One tablespoon of sesame contains about 88mg of calcium. One cup of sunflower seeds contains 109mg of calcium.

Calcium Rich Foods


Cheeses contain calcium in large amounts. There are different kinds of cheeses such as parmesan cheese, softer cheese, cottage cheese, and full-fat cheese. These are included calcium rich foods. Parmesan cheese contains about 331miligram of calcium or 33% of RDI. Softer cheese contains about 52miligram of calcium or 5% of RDI. Full fat cheese has a high amount of fats and calories and plays an essential role in maintaining body balance. Cottage cheese contains a small amount of calcium as well. Some cheeses contain sodium in excess which is not good for health.



Yogurt is one of the calcium rich foods. If you have yogurt in your diet you will be protected from many metabolic diseases and it maintains body metabolism. It increases immunity against cardiac diseases and diabetes. Yogurt makes our immune system stronger. There are many types of yogurt Plain yogurt, low-fat yogurt, and Greek yogurt. 245grams of Plain yogurt contain about 30% of RDI for calcium. It also contains vitamins B2 and B12.

Low-fat yogurt has a high amount of calcium. It has 45% of RDI for calcium in one cup. It is very effective and beneficial in our diet. Greek yogurt has less calcium inside. Side by side it is rich with proteins. It will add extra proteins to your diet.



Among all the nuts almonds are included in calcium rich foods. They are inflated with calcium. 22 nuts contain about 8% of the RDI for calcium. One cup of almonds contains 385miligram of calcium, 838 calories, and 72 grams of fats. In this one cup of almond nuts fats are in good amount but calories are in high amounts which is not good for health. So you may take a quarter of a cup daily.

Almonds also protect us from diseases such as hypertension, and also lose fats from the body that leads to the cure of obesity.


6-Fortified Foods

Foods that have a defensive work power may contain calcium in it. Fortified foods are also included in calcium rich foods. Some cereals such as wheat, oats, and corn contain 1000gram or 100% RDI for calcium. Flour cornmeals and some kind of bread are also included in it.

These foods help in strengthening the immune system of the body against diseases. They also maintain body metabolism.

7-Some Leafy Greens

Dark leafy green vegetables and fruits are also included in calcium rich foods. There is an astonishing fact about these leafy greens is that they are very healthful. Most leafy greens contain kale, spinach, and broccoli. These greens also include collard greens.

One cup of chopped kale has 90miligrams of calcium in it and it is good for health. these greens contain oxalates and many antioxidants. These oxalates will bind calcium with its self. Antioxidants are very necessary for cell growth. They prevent cells from damaging. spinach contains less calcium as compared to kale and broccoli. For example per cup of cooked collard contains 266miligrams of calcium. But your body requires only its half cup per day.

Some Leafy Greens

8-Edamame and tofu

Edamame and tofu both are the superb source of calcium. They are calcium rich foods that must be in your diet for balanced calcium intake. Edamame is a seed that may be seasoned by yourself or they are also available in pod shape. Their one cup carries approximately 10% RDI for calcium. It is also a good fountainhead of proteins that make up your deficiency.

Tofu is also a good fountainhead for calcium. You must buy a salt which contains calcium salt it is very useful for health.

Edamame and tofu

9-Fortified Drinks

Fortified drinks are also calcium rich foods. If you never drink milk you can make up your shortfall by using fortified drinks in your diet. These fortified drinks include soy milk other nut and seeds milk. Per cup of soy milk has 30% RDI for calcium.

So fortification is not only for these non-dairy kinds of milk. But you can also buy a fortified orange juice or fortified peach juice etc.


Milk is also included in calcium rich foods. It is one of the foremost and low-cost head of calcium. You must add milk intake in your diet plan. It not only make you healthier but also strengthens your bones and keeps you fresh all the time. In this way, you will fulfill the calcium needs of your body and stay fit.

276-352miligram of calcium is provided by a per cup of cow’s milk.  Secondly, milk is also the best source for proteins, vitamins, and minerals. One cup of goat’s milk contains 327miligram of calcium as well. Goat milk can be considered as nutrient-rich milk among all the animals.


Our body desperately needs calcium. It would be beneficial to use the items mention in this article to meet your body’s need for calcium. We can’t take any risk because calcium rich food is of prime importance for your body. One of the benefits of this is that you will be happier when you are healthy. So stay healthy stay happy.

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