Top 10 Countries With Best Cuisine

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Italy is a unitary parliamentary republic in Europe.The total area of italy is about 301,338Km².It is the third most populous member state of EU with approximatelty 62 million inhibatants.

Neopolitan  style pizza and Roman style pizza are very famous pizza in Italy.Neopolitan pizza has a fluffy and thick crust while Roman style pizza very thin crust.Bottaraga,Lasagna,Fiorentina steak,Ribollita,Polenta,Ossobuco,Ristto,Truffles,Foccica,Arancini and suppli are most famous dishes of the Italy.


Officially France is French Republic is sovereign state.Total surface area of France is about 11,691,000Km².France has the largest Exclusive Economic zone.The  language of France which is French  is the offical language of 29 countries.

Soupe à l’oignon is the traditional french soup.Coq au vin is a chicken dish served with mushrooms,wine and backon.Cassoulet,Beef bourguignon,chocolate souffle,flamiche,confit de canard and tarte tatin are the most famous dishes of France


Mexico is formally United Mexican State.It is situated in North Of American.

Food od Mexican is truly the best food.It has everything in it from sweet to sour to spicy loved by people around the whole world.Chilaquiles is traditional breakfast dish served with corn tortilla and topped with green and red salsa.Pozole,Tacos al pastor,Tostadas,Elote,Mole and  Guacamole are most famous Mexican dishes.


Japan is country of island in East Asia.Capital of Japan is tokyo.Total number of island in Japan are about 6,852.

Japenes food is one of the most popular food around te whole world.Sushi is the most famous dish  to come from japan.Sushi is preserved fish in fermented rice.Tampura,Yakitori,Tuskemono pickles,kaiskeki,Udon,soba and sashimi are one of the top dishes of japenes cuisine.


People’s Republic of China is sovereign state.China is most populous state of the world.Total population of China is about 1.388 billion.Capital of China is Beijing.

Chines food is by far the most diversity of food.Begger’s Chicken is a typical dish of Zhejing.Bamboo rice,preserved eggs Pìdàn,stinky stofu abd fried bee pupae are most famous.


India is the country in South Asia.It is the second most populous country and seventh largest country by area.The capital of India is New Dehli.

Dosa,Butter chicken,Butter paneer,chaat,daal makhni,byarani,Lamb kababs are the top most indian dishes which are well known throught India and whole world.

7.United State

United State is fedral republic.Capital of United State is Wahington D.C.

Apple pie is the combination of sugar,butter pastery and tart sliced apples.It is also known as “American apple pie”.The Hamburger,calm chowder,bagel and lox,deep dish pizza,texas barbecue and tacos are most eatable and popular dishes in United State.


Kingdom of thiland offically known as Siam is the state at  the centre of Indochinese peninsula in Mainland of Southeast Asia.

Thai food is very unique and tasty.Tom yum goong has sour and spicy taste which is versitile dish fit any time.Som tum,Tom kha kai,Gaeng daeng,Pad thai and khao pad are famous dishes of thiland.


Kimgdom of spain is soveregin state.Capital of Spain is Madrid.

Spanish food is one of the best food in the world.Corquettes,Tortilla Espanola,salmorejo,Pisto spanish ratatouille and pella are very famous spanish dishes.


Islamic Republic of Pakistan is situated in south east Asia.Capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.

Pakistani food is also very famous with desi touches.Haleem,Halwa puri,Chapli kabab, lassi(yougart drink),chicken karahi,daal mash and byarani are very famous dishes.

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