Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World

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There is the kingdom of animals on the earth. There are many species which are running very fast than others. Some animals have the capacity to run faster than a racing car. Birds are on number one. But some animal species are running very fast. There are some families of animals who are very fast in speed. Here is the list of the top 10 fastest animals in the world.

1-Cheetah — 75 MPH:

Among the fastest animals of the earth, the number one is the cheetah. The cheetah is also a dangerous animal of the earth. Cheetah achieves a speed of 60 mph in three seconds. But the main thing is that if a cheetah is running fast more than in a minute. Then it causes burst in his heart and he dies. But he is hunting the species less than a minute. During Chase cheetah is searching the right time to attack.

Cheetah -- 75 MPH:

2-Lion — 50 MPH:

The lion is known as a king of the jungle. They are living in pride. Lions have pride of 15 to 20 members. A lion cannot hunt alone. The pride of lions hunts in a group. Lion’s attains the speed of 50 mph during Chase. But it is difficult to maintain their pace of speed for a long time.

Lion -- 50 MPH:

3-Pronghorn — 55 MPH:

Pronghorns are the species living in the group. Their group is hunting together. They maintain a speed of 30 to 35 mph for hours. But their predator speed is less than them. They cannot maintain the pace of 55 mph for much time. Their main predator is the coyote. Living near to there kingdom. But the speed of coyote is 42 mph. The speed of pronghorns is greater than there primary predators.

Pronghorn -- 55 MPH:

4-Kangaroo — 44 MPH:

Kangaroo is the national animal of Australia. They are also part of the fastest animals on earth. Mostly kangaroos cover the distance in hops. There one hope is 9m long. They cover long distances with hops. Because it gives them energy. But if they want to protect themselves from a predator. Then they ran fastest and covers 44 mph distance. They also cover short distances with running. This is one of the fastest animals on planet earth.

Kangaroo -- 44 MPH:

5-Jackrabbit — 45 MPH:

A jackrabbit is actually a hare. Hare is slightly longer than a rabbit. They have powerful hind legs. Which provides them pace to leap and run. They cover 3m distance in one leap. While chased by a predator they cover 45 mph distance. They are also including in the fastest animals of the earth. They also move in a zigzag manner to hide them from predators.

Jackrabbit -- 45 MPH:

6-Springbok — 55 MPH:

Springbok is the animal lives in southwestern Africa. Springbok is a medium-sized animal. Pronking is an attractive thing about springbok. They are leaping about 2m in height. When predators near to them they are running with a speed of 55 mph. They also include in the fastest animals of the earth.

Springbok -- 55 MPH:


7-Blackbuck — 50 MPH:

Blackbuck is the fastest animal on earth. It is the last animal of the genus antelope. They are mostly in Indian subcontinent jungles. They are also in grasslands and wooden lands. They are the primary prey of jackals, lions, and wolves. They have the mysterious speed to remain away from predators. They have long spiraling horns. Their speed is 50 mph.

Blackbuck -- 50 MPH:

8-Blue wildebeest — 50 MPH:

Blue wildebeest is the animal of African jungles. Blue wildebeest is a large antelope. They are also including in the fastest animals of the earth. These mammals are known for there migration. They have mysterious speed. But speed is crucial for them. Because they are predators of many animals. Like leopards, cheetah, hyenas, and lions. They attain a speed of 50 mph during Chase by predators.

Blue wildebeest -- 50 MPH:

9-African wild dog — 44 MPH:

These are the animals living in Saharan African. They are living in the packs. They all are predators. They are one of the most endangered animals on earth. The target of African wild dogs is antelopes and gazelles. They are the very fastest animals. During Chase, their speed is up to 44 mph.

African wild dog -- 44 MPH:

10-Greyhound — 46 MPH:

Greyhounds have a gentle and affectionate nature. They are the fastest animals on earth. Greyhounds are the oldest animals that breed on the earth. They are breed for sports. They have the highest speed of 46 mph. They are slim in nature.

Greyhound -- 46 MPH:

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