Top 10 Fastest Motorcycles in the World 2020

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1.BMW K 1200S, 174 mph

BMW K 1200S is a hyper-sports visiting cruiser from BMW. This biker highlights 1157 CC, 16 valves four-chamber motor, which creates intensity of 164 HP @ 10250 rpm. BMW K 1200s can arrive at a most extreme speed of 174mph.


  •     Top speed: 174 miles per hour.
  • 0-100 km per hour: 3 seconds.
  • Front brakes: 2*320mm disc with four-piston calipers.
  • Rear brakes: single 265mm disc with two-piston caliper.
  • Maximum power: 164 HP @ 10250 rpm.
  • Maximum torque: 129 Nm@8250 rpm
  • 157 CC DOHC, 16 valves four-cylinder engine.
  • 6- Speed manual transmission.

BMW K 1200S

2.Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille, 175 mph

Aprilia RSV 1000R Mille is the quickest superbike from Aprilia. It has a 998 CC V-twin motor, produces 141.13 hp @ 10000 rpm. RSV 1000R Mille can cross 0 to 140 kilometer per hour in ten seconds. The top speed of Aprilia is 175 miles for every hour.


  • Liquid cooled system
  • Maximum power: 141.13 HP
  • Top speed 175 mph
  • Multi plate clutch
  • Maximum toque: 107 Nm

3.MV Agusta F4 1000R, 184 mph

MV Augusta F4 1000 R is the 2nd arrangement of F4 1000 bike from Italian maker Agusta. It is a restricted version superbike from the organization. It has 1000 CC, 16 radical valves fluid cooled motor engine.


  • Maximum power: 174 HP
  • Maximum torque: 115 Nm
  • 6 speed transmission
  • Front brakes: dual 320mm disc with 4 pistons radial caliper
  • Rear brakes: single 220 mm disc with two piston radial caliper

MV Agusta F4 1000R

4.Yamaha YZF R1, 186 mph

YZF R1 is the greatest bike from Japanese maker Yamaha. The primary bike from the renowned R1 arrangement turned out in 1998.It is the famous fastest motor bike.


  • Fuel injection, 6 speed transmission
  • 988 CC, liquid cooled 16 valve liquid cool inline 4 cylinder DOHC engine
  • Top speed 186 mph
  • Maximum power: 200 HP @13500 rpm
  • Front brakes: 320 mm 4 piston caliper hydraulic disc
  • Rear brakes: 220, hydraulic single disc

5.Honda CBR1100XX Super blackbird, 190 mph

Honda CBR1100XX is the quickest games toured bike from Honda. This arrangement made somewhere in 1996 and 2007. In 1997, Honda CBR1100XX held the title of the quickest creation of motor bike by overcoming the unbelievable Kawasaki ZX-11/.


  • 6 speed transmission
  • 1137CC, 4 stroke inline four engines
  • Maximum power: 152 HP
  • Maximum torque: 119 Nm@ 7250 rpm
  • Top speed 190 mph
  • Twin balance shaft for exceptional smoothness

Honda CBR1100XX Super blackbird

6.Suzuki Hayabusa, 194 mph

Hayabusa is named after the Japanese name of Peregrine Falcon, the quickest fledgling on the planet which flies at a speed of 203 mph. At a top speed of 194 miles for each hour, the Suzuki Hayabusa could even arrive at near Peregrine bird of prey.


  • 0 to 60 mph: 2.5 seconds
  • Idle Speed Control System to keep engine stable in different conditions
  • Advanced fuel injection system from Suzuki for high combustion efficiency
  • Front Brakes: 2*310 mm discs, Brembo, monobloc radial-mount calipers
  • Rear Brakes: Single 260 mm disc with Tokico caliper
  • 1340 CC, four-stroke, DOHC, four-cylinder 16 valves engine.
  • 6 speed constant mesh transmission
  • Maximum power: 197 HP@9500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 155 Nm@7200 rpm
  • Top speed: 194 mph

7.Kawasaki Ninja ZX -14R, 208.1 mph

Having top speed of 208.1 mph, Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R is the 2nd quickest creation bike till date. This super machine could cross 0 to 100 km/h in simply 2.7 seconds. Ninja ZX-14R highlights a 1441 CC four valve fluid cooled motor.


  • Top speed: 208.1 miles per hour
  • 0 to 100 km per h: 2.7 seconds
  • 0 to 200 km per h: 7.2 seconds
  • Front brakes: 2*310 petal discs, four-piston calipers
  • Rear brakes: single 250 mm petal disc, two piston caliper
  • 1441 CC four valve liquid cooled engines
  • Six speed transmission and wet multi-disc clutch
  • Maximum power: 197.3 Bhp
  • Maximum torque: 158.2 Nm

Kawasaki Ninja ZX -14R

8.MTT Turbine Super bike, 227 mph

MTT Turbine Superbike is a non-creation bike from Marine Turbine Technologies which is perceived as ‘the most remarkable creation bike’ by Guinness book of world records.


  • Maximum Torque: 576.5 Nm
  • Top speed: 227 mph
  • Front Brakes: 2*320 mm discs with four-piston Brembo calipers
  • Rear Brakes: Single 320 mm disc with 4 piston caliper
  • Features Rolls-Royce 250-C18 turbo shaft engines
  • Two speed semi-automatic transmission
  • Maximum power: 320 HP@52000 rpm

9.Kawasaki Ninja H2R, 249 mph

The hyper sports Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the quickest creation super bike. It’s a track just bike. At walloping 300 H.P, the supercharged Ninja H2R can hit more than 249 miles for each hour. This extraordinarily amazing machine highlights 998 CC supercharged DOHC inline-4 motor.


  • 6 speed dog-ring transmission.
  • Highly efficient Kawasaki supercharger to acquire incredible acceleration
  • World-class KYB racing suspension
  • Maximum Power: 310hp
  • Maximum Torque: 156 Nm
  • Top speed: Over 249 mph.

10.Dodge Tomahawk, 420 mph

Having top speed of 420 mph, the Dodge Tomahawk is the world’s quickest bike. Avoid uncovered this extreme superbike in 2003. As per the reports, just nine of this bike has been sold at this point.


  • 8.3 liter, V-10 SRT 10 Dodge Viper engine
  • 2-speed manual transmission
  • Maximum power: 500 hp
  • Maximum Torque: 712 Nm
  • Top speed: 420 mph
  • 0 to 60 miles: 2.5 seconds

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