Top 10 Free Typing Games For Kids And Adults

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In today’s digital world, it is important for children to learn how to type. Learning and typing are not the same things. Here are 10 free typing games for kids and adults as well.

2-Keyboard Climber 2

Oh no! A monkey is trapped at the bottom of the cave. In this game, children can help the monkey by jumping on rock platforms which can pop up on the screen by recognizing these characters. By typing the children in each letter correctly. The monkey gets a bunch of bananas. If they feel it is wrong. A coconut falls on the monkey’s head, and its surface must be restarted. You can download this game from free

Keyboard Climber 2


Keyman is also one of the best free typing games. Remember PAC Main? This typing game is taken from his imagination. Proceed the key man through the maze to consume all the points by him before catching the colorful ghosts. Children will u use different, letters that appear at the top, bottom, and sides to give directions to the keyman. The catch is that the navigation keys change every time you move. You can download this game from


The purpose of the game is very common: Bang the balloons before they fly in the heavens. To do this, your kiddo must write the letter that will be seen on the balloon. This is one of the best from free typing games. You’re given five chances to survive, but with every balloon which escapes you lose one life. By writing the wrong letter also deducted your score. This is the best game for people of all age groups to enhance writing skills.


5-Typing Chef

Playing as a trainee under the supervision of a master chef, the goal here is to make your way to various kitchen jobs by typing the words that pop up on the screen. You start by cleaning the dishes, typing the words you see on the growing bubbles before you reach the top of the screen. But you have to hurry. Your life is only five! This game is designed to improve typing speed for older children. It is the best game.

6-Typing Ninja

This is also one of the best free typing games. Does the child want to borrow your iPad? Let her know that she can play Fruit Ninja on the computer instead. Simply, this is a typing ninja! In this game, you cut the fruit by writing the letter you see on it. Make your way through each letter, but be careful not to drop a bomb on your way or you will lose one of your three lives. There are different methods and levels of difficulty.

Typing Ninja

7-Alpha Munchies

Alpha Munchie is a free typing game for kids and adults. You have to shoot small pixel aliens before they hit the blocks that protect you and your belongings. But in this version, you need to type and shoot the letters that appear above each stranger. Alpha Munchies is perfect for beginners to learn the alphabet, but it’s also great for older kids to speed up their typing. You can download this

8-Type Type Revolution

This is a game in which your little fingers dance and learn. The goal of the game is to strike the true letter until it reaches the top row of letters. Players can choose one of 10 songs to “dance”. This game really tests key recognition skills, so it’s perfect for older kids who want to improve on typing without being seen. This is the best free typing game. You can install it from freecrazymonkeygames.

Type Type Revolution

9-Typing of the Ghosts

This game is basically about to speed up your typing skill. In this game, you have to type the words as fast as possible. These words appear on the screen for a while. The ghost is behind them. If you will do it slowly you will lose your points. This game is for those persons who want to speed up their typing. You can install it from free

10-Dance Mat Typing

This game is basically for beginners. we can also say that for learners. In this game, you will be familiar with the typing rows of the keyboard. At first, you recognize a home row. This game will also help children to learn the proper position of the hands-on keyboard. It is a good skill for young people to learn before they choose bad habits.

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