Top 10 German Universities That Offering Study In Medicine

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As a highly sought after goal for international students, especially in human medicine and other related fields. There are numerous universities in Germany that provide excellent medical education. I am here to discuss the most important German Universities. They offer Medical programs.

2-Munster University

Providing 250 different courses of study over its long-established seven facilities presenting 15 different departments. This is among the best German Universities. With the strength of 37,000 aspiring students. The university provides 5000 of expert staff for them.

This German University has partnerships all around the world with 400 different academic institutions. Knowledge, curiosity, and research is their main aim.

Munster University

3-Lubeck University

This German University got its fame in the research profile. This educational institution meets the standard of excellence. They focus strongly on infection, Inflammation, Brain, Behaviour, Metabolism, Medical Genetics, and Biomedical Technologies.

The students are provided with effective technical knowledge. Which needed for the future, practical skills, scientific work, and social and ethical skills.

4-Wurzburg University

This university was founded four decades ago. The department facilities and all additional institutions are located within the old town allies.

A new liberal art campus, a modern library, and other research institutions are provided by this university. With the strength of 25,000 students, about 1000 come from the international domain.

Wurzburg University

5-Witten/Herdecke University

Founded in 1983, this oldest private German University is highly recognized all around the world. Medicine, Nursing Sciences, Dental Medicine, Economics, Philosophy, and Culture in undergraduate studies is taught here. As for the enrollment criteria, the interviewer pays more attention to the personality of students with their good grades.

The students have to explain why they made the choice to take admission in this institution. As the university is a private institution, the tuition fees go from 400 to 1000 a month which is quite expensive, but international students can apply for grants and scholarships.

6-Tubingen University

Located in the optimal university town, this German University is one of the oldest traditional universities. Success in medicine, natural sciences, and humanities is their international recognition. In the fields of medicine and chemistry, the university provides some Nobel Laureates.

The clinic, scientific institutes, and theoretical facilities make this German University one of the best medical training institutes.

Tubingen University

7-Magdeburg University

This German University was merged with Technical University and two other institutions in 1993 and is also known to be the youngest university in the state. For the dealing of a wide range of patients with serious illness in the region of Saxony, the Medical school provides 1300 professional caretakers. There is a close collaboration between the teaching staff and the students.

They take care of around 45,000 patients yearly with different health illnesses. For eager students, the university provides excellent medical education.

Magdeburg University

8-Freiburg University

This German University provides successful teachings in humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. For the true course of students to join quality and expert studies, the university operates 11 facilities. The university provides 10,000 professional care takes for around 58,000 patients.

9-Leipzig University

Leipzig University is among the second-oldest German universities for Saxony. With the additional composition of nine Noble laureates, Leibniz, Goethe, Nietzsche, Wagner, and Angela Merkel are included in the establishment of this student’s perspective.

With the partnership of Leipzig University Hospital, the Medical institutions of this German University educate 3000 students in human medicine and dentistry. By operating 5 medical departments and 48 clinics, this is among the greatest medical university. Research, healing, and teaching is their main aim.

Leipzig University

10-Heidelberg University

The University of Heidelberg has an excellent department of medicine with a tradition of six decades in education and research. The department aims to address 21st-century medical challenges in the region and beyond. It is one of the best German Universities.

In establishing such a renom, the department has continued its struggle to establish a central scientific institution. The emphasis on research and support for research agendas. Today, the university is capable and provides an interactive environment for internationally recognized research institutes. It attracts students from all over the world.

Heidelberg University

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