Top 10 Healthiest Food in the World

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As food is the essential element in everyone’s life. But healthy food makes person productive and
energetic to perform all task. However, diseases are very common to affect people. If we consume
healthy food we will definitely be safe from all the diseases to occur in anyone’s keeps us safe and
secure for long term fortune. moreover, these foods are less expensive and easily found at your
is so delicious and good in taste that no one can have option to leave it without its consumption. Here
are the top 10 healthiest food to be consumed by every individual to live healthy life:


This food is cure to almost all the complications that mostly became the part of person’s life. Papaya is
famous for curing digestion helps in blood pressure, amoeba and blood clots. Moreover, this
food is rich in nutrients and is beneficial to every person. This keeps the skin fresh and glowing and is aid
to bowel movement. This will help to fight many health it need to be consumed on
regular basis.



Nuts seems to be the food that may increase your weight. But this need to be kept in mind that they
contain mono saturated fats that do not increase your weight rather it helps to cure anemia disease.
Brazilian nuts are rich in vitamins and copper for protecting bones. However, it has cholesterol but that
comes in a very good form to consume. They keep arteries healthy and helps in flow of blood. All these
factors make it the healthiest food to consume.



This food being healthy is also known as super food. Excessive quantity of avocado is not injurious to
health because it has many vitamins and minerals that keeps our body healthy. This food offers more
than 20 vitamins and minerals to consume. The vitamin it contains are B, C, E and folic acids. These are
the best cure for heart problems and protect you from heart diseases.


4. EGGS:

The best source of providing energy. Eggs are the most nutritious food to consume. Because it is easy to
get and consume. Available in all the seasons. This food is mostly consumed in winter due to its hot
nature and it is beneficial to many illness that are common in cold weather. This is very rich in
consumption you will active enough to perform all work without being hesitated of losing energy.



It is well known for vitamin packages. This is best cure to fight cancer and inflammation in the body.
These are the most dangerous diseases that are being cure by very common and cheap food called
spinach. Moreover, it protects from eye diseases and makes your immune system stronger to
consumption. These are source to make bones strengthen.



Flax seeds are rich in proteins and in other essential elements that cure from unhealthy diseases. Thus,
they provide omega three dosage that makes it unique from all other vegetables. This can be a magical
trick to hide your age. Because with its consumption you stand younger even with the passage of time of
advanced years.



This food serves as the anti-oxidant to cure most diseases. The main factor of this food is that either
consume it raw or cooked it will provide same nutrients and taste. They add lycopene to the body.
Leaving a healthy skin tone and glowing that everyone need.



They can be utilized by boiling them. They are root tubers good for digestive system and keeps skin
smooth. They protect from diabetes and blood pressure issues. And prevent strokes and heart attacks. A
simple food can protect from major diseases so this is the reason it comes among the top most
healthy food for consumption.



The most beneficial food for eyesight issue. This need to be taken daily because today’s world everyone
suffers the issue of eyesight. They provide vitamin A and antioxidant to body. They protect from the risk
of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. That why its consumption in very necessary by humans.



This protects body and help to tolerate many diseases. Including cardiovascular and digestive system.
This is easily available in markets and is rich in nutrients and is so delicious that one cannot avoid its
consumption. People use yougurt with breakfast to make them energetic and healthy for the rest of the
we should increase its consumption and protect ourselves from all unhygienic food and keep on
consuming these healthy food on daily basis to remain healthy.


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