Top 10 Largest Universities In the World By Enrollment

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1-Allama Iqbal Open University

AIOU was the first open university in Asia. It holds its main campus in Islamabad. And a network of educational institutions all over the country. AIOU is one of the largest universities in Pakistan. It serves students in the Middle East from the education of basic to doctoral levels. AIOU is currently focusing to expand educational institutions all over Asia.

Allama Iqbal Open University

2-Ramkhamhaeng University

They are working with the local college’s program in Bangkok and Thailand. They offer programs on the International era for English-speaking students. This is also among the largest universities in the world. Their main aim is to develop programs for both urban and rural area students. They also exchange worldwide information with other universities.

3- Indra Gandhi National Open University

IGNOU is one of the largest universities. It is founded in New Delhi, India in 1985. It has 2300study centers. This university serves students through 21 schools. It forms a network in 35 different countries. They have open university criteria. Students can also learn by sitting at their homes.

Indra Gandhi National Open University

4- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University

This public University was renamed in 1991. Before that, it was named as Ambedkar Open University. This university is located in Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh, and India. It has 117 study center in India. This university is one of the largest universities in India. Moreover, the admission criteria are not strict. A wide range in the choice of career is available. Teaching and evaluation methods are extraordinary.

5-Islamic Azad University

One of the largest universities in Iran. This university is currently located in Tehran. It consists of a chain of educational institutions all over the country. They have the largest academic library in Iran. This university provides education from Basic to Masters and Doctoral level.

-Islamic Azad University

6-California State University

This is the most affordable university in the US. It is also the largest university in the world. It has 23 campuses in the state. CSU manages its economic, social, and cultural system. It also manages its residents. The state currently bans the funds of this university due to extreme budget issues.

California State University

7-Bangladesh National University

It is the largest university in Bangladesh. Now it is among the largest universities in the world. 1600 colleges are affiliated with it. It offers graduate and postgraduate degrees. The Government Republic of Bangladesh runs this university. They currently in seek of expansion through courses, institutions, and the number of attending students.

Bangladesh National University

8-State University of New York

This is also included in one of the largest universities. This university prevails in New York. Doctoral-granting institutions, University colleges, Technology colleges, and Community colleges, is the division of campuses in the State University of New York.

State University of New York

9-Anadolu University

They offer three distance learning programs. Anadolu has four vocational schools. Their nine institutes are working. They have 28 research centers. This is the largest university in Turkey. The pride of this university is its modern technology. They offer intensive English programs. And has over 1800 faculty members.

10-University System of Ohio

It is one of the largest carrier university because of some reasons. It has 14 public universities. Ohio constitutes 24 branch campuses. It forms a network of 23 community colleges. 200 other educational centers are also present. They offer associate and bachelor degrees. Their aim is to provide excellent education all over the world.

University System of Ohio




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