Top 10 Most Beautiful Hottest Countries in the World

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Imagine yourself at a place where your mood is always down, your condition to work is not stable, nor you enjoy the weather of that region. This is what dines a hot area or a hot weather, when we live in s a place that is hot most of the time and there is no variation in season people use to get irritate all the time, they totally cut off themselves from most of the joyous activities that makes them fit and fine. This article will be mentioning the hottest countries and that has summer as hell and for longer time duration:


One of the hottest country that comes number one in the list. People living there are not having an ease of life and they keep on suffering most of them. This hot weather has stopped them from doing their activities with comfortless zone. They suffer from many diseases like blisters that are very much painful for any people living there. Moreover, Mexico has gained the record of most high temperature in 1922
of about 57.8 c that is very harsh temperature to live at this place.

Hottest Countries


Saudi Arabia one the richest country is also one of the hottest country to be mentioned in the list. In spite of its deserts beauty and richness this country suffers extreme hot weather. But to the luck of people living there they have been provided with the facilities to cope up the extreme heat. The temperature goes up to 54 in summer that is of extreme level and difficult to bear. The desert make it hot and useless for agriculture.

hottest countries

3. IRAQ:

Iraq one of the Muslim country with many other problems like war, suffers the main problem of heat and hot weather. They have been blessed with mountains where the snow falls in winter, but almost the whole year the temperature remain above 40 degree Celsius so that it cannot be covered in winter. The high temperature range between 48 and 54 that is very hot to live and easy life.

Hottest Countries


Algeria the hot country has been suffering from extreme heat for almost whole year. The hottest region is Salah. There are some place is Algeria which has mountain caps and where snowfalls occur but as the area is mostly landed by deserts so it remain hot most of the time. This areas is bestowed with rainfall in coastal areas.

Hottest Countries

5. IRAN:

Iran is the country that have both weathers winters and summer. The summer is extremely hot in Iran that people keep on waiting for winter and winter is somehow extremely cold in the country. The temperature in Iran in summer is about 29 degree Celsius but southern part of this country is extremely hot. The country is dry and arid which enhance the factor of hotness in the place and troubles people
living there.

Hottest Countries

6. OMAN:

It is one of the Arab state and as being an Arab state it comes in category of being richest. Moreover, the place is extremely hot to enjoy most of the luxuries of life at this place. The temperature goes between 50-53 degrees for about 5 to 6 months. But people living there have been facilitated to cope this hot temperature and live an easy life. The rainfall occur in some of the region rather than all to cover heat.

Hottest Countries


A place of grassland and desert land proves to be the hottest country of northern Africa. This is the hottest temperature with about 52 degrees hotness. The country faces drought and famines by which human life suffers the most and are in danger to live and continue their life. To their bad luck the country never receives rainfall for this it remain the hottest one.

Hottest Countries


In spite of Himalayas and oceans the hot wind is never restricted to reach the places and create hot temperature in the country. The temperature in India is 50 degrees Celsius that is extremely hot to live.
This has both weather as summer is unpleasant but winter is very pleasant to live. People prefer to have winter for longer time to enjoy the extreme beautiful weather and get rid of hot weather in India. Goa and Kerala are the hot regions but still are the tourist hub in summer.

Hottest Countries


Somalia one of the hottest country in the world, located in Africa in the north- eastern Africa. The region is very hot as it does not receives rainfall for the whole year and people their get irritate of this extreme weather. As the place is not counted as one of the safest place so it suffers a lot problem. Life in Somalia is very tough and hard. Because of extreme hotness there is lack of irrigation, severe starvation, drought and famines that troubles people life.

Hottest Countries


A dry and dangerous place to live, the place has extremely hot temperature to live. In spite of the facilities of rich heritage, culture, food and other resources this place is very difficult to live. It has dry grassland that give birth to extreme hot weather. The country has beach so people usually cope up by visiting beach and having cold drinks to avoid the hot temperature. People visit at beach enjoys the
white sand and crystal water and get rid of hot summer and scorching beam of sun all around the country.

Hottest Countries

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