Top 10 Famous Mountains Of The World

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The world has some astonishing places to visit but no place is better than mountains where the whole seems to be visible. For the adventure, there are some beautiful breathtaking mountains to visit as Mount Everest; the highest mountain. The very short life and countless places to see.

Some of the mountains such as the Huayna Picchu, Grand Teton, Nanga Parbat, Castle Mountain These mountains totally deserve to be part of the list of things before you die.


Swiss Alps are also known as the magical mountains, the astonishing beauty with the breathtaking scenery around the summit of Matterhorn. Swiss Alps is the world’s 10th largest mountain with a perfect pyramid. The mountain is very busy with tourism, famous for its chocolate logo. People chose this place for hiking and skiing. As guessed from the name Swiss Alps it is located in Switzerland.


Mount Logan is the second-largest highest apex of North America, located in Canada known to be a snowy paradise. This mountain is located at a danger zone of high tectonic activity which keeps on increasing the height of the mountain. While being compared to other mountain ranges it has the largest rim on the world map. The wide range of forests and landscape provides a picturesque view of the hiker with the wide variety of animals and birds surrounding the region.


A volcanic beauty located in Japan is about 12,400 feet tall. Just like Mount Logan it also has increased tectonic activities and resides over three tectonic plates. Tourists never cease to amaze by the mount’s beauty. Because of the breathtaking views, it is the number one tourist attraction, most of the climbers turn towards this place during the month of July and August when the climate is mild to enjoy the glamour of Mount Fuji.


Mount Kea’s actual height is buried under the Pacific Ocean, and considering the height, it might be the tallest mountain in the world acquiring more height than Mount Everest. The total ride to Mount Kea is eight hours including resting for adjusting to climate change. The stars give breathtaking scenery at night. The volcano beneath the mountain is still active even now and still active for tourism.


The photographer paradise catches the eye of every tourist passing by, a major mountain range of the world located in Norway is a breathtaking view of the snowy capped mountain ranges, clean spring of water, and abundant greenery. The beauty repelled by the magical location is picture perfect and deserves to be photo captured.


Grand Teton is the most famous mountain in the world located in the United States of America. It is famous for its historical cowboy culture that every tourist adapts to whoever visits Grand Teton. The national park consists of more than 60 breeds of mammals which possibly attracts a large number of people. The Grand Teton is America’s expedition hub. The range provides wide activities of camping, hiking, water sport and more.


Humans have the curiosity of traveling to impossible places in order to accomplish the impossible, Bogda Mountain is one of the difficult mountains to climb as the mountain is much unsymmetrical which causes difficulty in ascending it, which makes it more curious for climbers to come and visit this place. Bogda Mountain is about 18000 feet tall with breathtaking beauty. The Bogda peak is located in the Republic of China.


Cerro Torre, a sun-kissed beauty. It is a disputed mountain between Argentina and Chile, with the other controversy about who first stepped foot on the top of the mountain. It is a steep mountain about 10,000 feet tall, the top of the mountain covered with snow. Also said to be sun-kissed beauty because the top of the mountain is mostly shadowed by the magnificent light of the sun.


Mount Everest is the world’s highest mountainous range with about a height of 29029 feet above sea level. Most people travel to Everest to seek adventure. Only amateur mountaineers climb this mountain, many climbers have faced life-threatening situations but still many famous climbers visit this place for ascending the mount. This mountain is located in Nepal (Tibet)


The portrait of the colors contains mountains with glorified rainbow color. It is commonly known as the Rainbow Mountain. Due to the mineral sediments, the mountain repels different color textures. The shape of the mountain was due to the volcanic eruption. Some people superstitious believe Vinicunca to be sacred of the mountain range. The mountain also provides hiking spot with the scene wildlife, clean water, and the sandstone mountain. The Vinicuna is located in Peru.