Top 10 Most Famous Portrait Photographers in The World

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1. Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is the professional name of James Philip Nelson. He is an English Photographer. He is very famous for his portraits indigenous and tribal people.

2. Rehahn

Rehahn is a French photographer. He is well known for capturing the spirit of his subjects. Rehahn is without a doubt marvelous amongst other picture takers on the planet.

3. Steve McCurry

He is American photographer and photojournalist. He is very famous for his photo of Afghan girl and that photo have taken the place of cover photo of National Geographic many times.

4. Lee Jeffries

He started his career as a sport photographer but when he meet a homeless women in London his life changed and he took black and white photographs of homeless people and that is what make him famous.

5. Manny Librodo

Manny Librodo is Pilipino photographer. His photos have published in so many publications around the whole world. His photos reveals full story of a particular thing in each and every photo of Manny Librodo.

6. Lisa Kristine

Lisa Kristine is a philanthropic picture taker who archives native societies in excess of hundred nations and depicts the human respect within each one of us. She is popular for her job in uncovering current subjection.

7. Eric Lafforgue

Eric Lafforgue is a French photographer. His stories are captivating and his photographs portray some genuine feelings. He has taken photos in North Korea.

8. Joel Santos

Joel Santos is a traveler, filmmaker and photographer. He has an eye for the wild and the remote, and his photos are in the convention of incredible travel essayists and craftsmen

9. Phil Borges

He is filmmaker and social documentary photographer. He has been reporting indigenous and ancestral societies, endeavoring to make a comprehension of the difficulties they face.

10. David Lazar

David Lazar is a musician and Australian travel photographer. He loves to take photos of moments of life, nature, culture and beauty.

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