Top 10 Most Horror Movies on Netflix Now

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Movies are the most demanding element of today’s generation. People eventually being affected by the themes of movies. Every movie comes with different genre and they are liked by many people. As people vary in their choices so is the case that there is variations in genre. Particularly horror movies are like by those who consider themselves as the bravest soul. Some movies are so horror that took life of many heart patients including conjurors 2 and insidious 2 are the movies that was successful for their genre presentation. The horror movies itself gives many real life lessons somehow. So here are the most famous movies that are on Netflix nowadays:
Horror Movies

1. 1992 (2017):

This movie is one of the horror movies that was released in 2017. The story of this movies revolves round one of real aspect of life that is wealth, property. Thomas Jane as Wilfred Jane one the actor in the movie who played great role in manipulating his son named Dylan schmid to kill his wife and his mother in order to get rid of her share in wealth. He wanted to kill his wife by playing great strategies and did it by creating the horror scenes of his planning and these strategies give birth to one of the horror movie. At last after killing the lady they were cursed for what they have done and were living their lives as killer. That destroyed them for lifetime.
1922 (2017) – IMDb

2. Before I wake:

The horror is not so famous but still comes up with different themes throughout the movie. This created interest among viewers to watch every climax with different themes. Flanagan has performed in many other movies including the haunting of hill house. The movie revolves round the story of a boy whose dreams have very fascinating and special powers. It is amazing to watch and fully involve in the character of a boy.
Before I Wake (2016) – IMDb

3. Caliber(2018):

The story is more of thrilling than horror. This story is all about two scot boys who are eager to go for hunting. But using their adventurous thing they killed a boy. As everyone is familiar that murder can never hidden it is obvious when it is of a young boy. They were all covering this murder throughout the movie.
Calibre (2018) – IMDb

4. Cam (2018):

The movie is a kind of suspense horror for the viewers by seeing its trailer. This movie was released in 2018 and it is the story of a girl named Madeline brewer who find herself still online. How comes possible? This is all the story revolves round her character that make it the most amazing and suspense movie to know the performance of a girl how could be someone still online.
Cam (2018).
Cam (2018) – IMDb

5. Cargo(2018):

This horror movie is based on zombie mythology that creates goosebumps by watching it. The story is of a man who lost his wife in certain king of infection and finds himself helpless with his daughter.
He has got only 48 hours to find a safe place for her daughter in the heaven he would be walking as dead the one who would be roaming in Australian landscape.
Cargo (2017) – IMDb

6. Insidious:

It is one of the horror movie that became the blockbuster movie. The film is all about supernatural realms and in this movie the boy is being rescued from these realms that create all the scenes. The film came after conjuring that was also the horror series and one of the famous. The story is very vivid to watch on Netflix.
Insidious (2010) – IMDb

7. The monster:

The story is a monster committed movie to be watched based on Kazan. The story shows the scariest thing that has been passing. The story is of a mother and daughter who were caught isolated on nightmares they think that the hit was a wolf but it was something more scary passing out there.
The Monster (2016) – IMDb

8. Train to Busan:

The story is a Korean story of zombies. The story is so thrilling and fascinating to watch. One who goes through it will definitely be living with every character. This is one of the thrilling genre for all the viewers to go through it.
Train to Busan (2016) – IMDb

9. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil:

The story is of two friend who live in backwoods Virginia and bought house there for their vacations. Where they have been caught as killer while everyone else proves that they are not the actual murders they are actually interrupted by group. The movie is funny and fun to watch it.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil (2010) – IMDb

10. Under the shadow:

The Iranian horror movie that took place by a story of a woman whose apartment has been haunted by Djinni. This is setup of Iran-Iraq war. The protagonist of the story feel fear of losing family specially the husband in the war. She find everything fear except inside the walls. This is very amazing movie that gives great information.
Under the Shadow (2016) – IMDb

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