Top 10 Most Popular Custard Recipes In The World

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Here are the 10 most popular custard recipes in the world.

1- Caramel Custard

The most favorite custard recipe for kids and adults, with the righteousness of caramelized sugar and vanilla, sprinkled with chocolate powder. Caramel Custard is famous in French Cuisine as it is a rich and graceful and is made within an hour or less.

Caramel Custard

2-Floating Islands

The favorite childhood custard recipe, Floating islands are named as the fluffy, and delightful meringue is garnished floating on the hot vanilla custard. You only need eggs, sugar, milk, and vanilla for this party dessert and is made within 30 minutes.

3-Fruit Trifle

Using a variety of fruits with several layers of jelly, fruits, and custard, this is one of the best custard recipes. Fruit Trifle is served in a circular dish and is a famous dessert from England. Thick whipped cream can also be used in this dish as a topping.

Fruit Trifle

4-Bajra Tartlets and Fruit Custard

This tea-time treat is a popular custard recipe with little tartlets made of bajra and filled with creams delights( of your choice) such as cream cheese. Fruits can also be used as a topping for this dish.

5-Fruit Custard

This custard recipe is one of the widely served party dishes. The custard is made off eggs, sugar, milk, cardamom and a hint of vanilla and the righteousness of fruits makes this even more delightful.

Fruit Custard

6-Coconut and Litchi Creme Caramel

With the delightful combination of litchis and coconut, this Asian dessert is one of the best custard recipes. This mouthwatering custard takes an hour to cook and is a unique dessert for your parties. This dessert can surely impress the guests.

Coconut and Litchi Creme Caramel

7-Lagan Nu Custard

As the name shows, this dessert is specifically introduced in weddings. This is the best Parsi dish filled with cashews and nuts. This custard recipe is made with your simple everyday used ingredients like eggs, milk, butter, and nuts.

8-Coconut Custard with Jamun Sauce

A simple custard recipe with coconut custard and topping of beautiful looking Jamun sauce. A hint of cardamom and rose water are given to the Jamun sauce.

Coconut Custard with Jamun Sauce

9- Summer Fruits and Homemade Custard

A quick and easy fruit custard recipe, this dessert is served in a martini glass with thick and rich vanilla custard and a topping of your favorite fruits.

Summer Fruits and Homemade Custard

10-Microwave Caramel Custard

The French Cuisine recipe is easy and famous all over the world. Creme Caramel, Milk Leche, and Custard Flan are the various names given to this custard recipe. This is the most liked dessert by kids and adults.

Microwave Caramel Custard

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