Top 10 Most Popular Health Insurance Companies U.S

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Insurance is a kind of agreement between a policyholder and the company. The insurer pays a certain amount of money to the company and the company pays all the costs if you have an accident. There are many types of insurance such as Health insurance, Car insurance, Life insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Travel insurance, etc. Today we are listing the U.S top 10 most popular insurance companies. In the U.S health care can be very expensive. Even a single doctor’s appointment could cost a lot. In this scenario insurance is the best option available.

Top 10 Most Popular Health Insurance Companies U.S


UnitedHealth is an insurance company that provides its services in more than 130 countries around the globe. It provides its services to customers through two platforms. These platforms include health care service and the other is technology sanction. It gives information and technology-related health care services. This company invests a huge amount of approximately $3.5 billion in technology and the whole process costs about $1.1 trillion a year.

Kaiser Foundation

Kaiser Foundation is known as a not-for-profit organization. This covers the allergy, audiology, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, hospice, laboratory, nephrology, therapy, pain relief, etc. This company doesn’t have platforms in other countries. It only provides services in the U.s.

Anthem insurance

Anthem Inc is a health care company whose mission is to improve health care. It not only serves more than 78 billion people in the U.s including the families that work within the organization. The most important feature of this company that differs from the other is that it aims to improve the living and make life simple and easy by providing health care. It works for the betterment of the communities. This company has several health plans. It makes health care products that are not much costly and that’s why it attracts more customers. Staff employees and other customers can choose a plan according to their needs. their wide variety of plans gives customers a free hand to choose according to his need.


Humana is a profit-based insurance company. It gives its customers a great service while providing health care necessities. It has about 13 million clients in the U.S. Humana received $41.3 billion profit in 2013. It serves its customers all over u.s. It satisfies its customers by providing unconventional solutions and medical health care.


As we all know health issues are always there till we are alive. To maintain our health as well as our bank balance in this era is very difficult. For this purpose, Insurance companies are providing their services for their customers. Cvs has more than 1100 clinics with pharmacy services. This company serves about a million people annually.


Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), is considered the largest company with the most customers all over the U.S. It has over 16 million clients and employees approx 22k in its local offices all over five states. It covers the life and health insurance policies by proving a wide range of insurance plans and products to its customers, so they are at ease while making any decision regarding health care.

Centene Corp

Centene Corporation is an organization with diversified healthcare services. It is a multinational company that serves insured and noninsured people. This company works for government healthcare programs. It has three international markets and has been serving in 35 different states in the U.S. It has managed to provide services to 15 million customers. to provide the best to the customers. Centene corporation collaborates with other organizations to provide more to their customers.

Cigna Health

This organization serves in more than 30 countries all over the world with more than 165 customers. It has a lot to offer to its customers as it offers different programs. including medical, dental, international healthcare plans. Having 800 hospitals with 50,000 physicians is one of the largest insurance companies in the U.s. It provides services that are sponsored by the government to its customers. providing services to children, families, old people with more medical needs through different plans and products. It also covers dental, medical services for its customers.


It is one of the popular U.S insurance companies because it works for government-sponsored insurance plans. its services are for everyone whether it be children, families, senior people. It provides services through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug plans. WellCare is proudly serving more than 6.4 million people in the U.S.

Molina Healthcare

For qualified people, it provides health care mainly by government-sponsored health programs. This company collaborates with the government and serves its customer with the best plans and health care to its customers. It provides its services in different states and cities including California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, and Puerto Rico. Many states have selected this company for demonstrative projects because it provides medicare products.

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