Top 10 Most Popular Luxury Hotels In london

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Here are the most popular hotels in London.

1- Claridge’s

Queen Victoria, Bing Crosby, Audrey Hepburn are the royal guests host this hotel in London, which increases the attraction of this hotel even more. The people staying in this hotel are mostly rich and royalties. The best chefs cook food here around the country. Access to a spa, a bar, and concierge service is also included. Shopping centers, art galleries, and restaurants are featured in the neighborhood of this hotel.


2-Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park London

In the world of luxury hotels, this hotel in London is on the list of luxurious hotels around the globe, renovated recently in 2000. The hotel has pretty eye-catching greenery, which makes it look more luxurious. Pool, spa, terrace, gym, and onsite parking is also included in necessities with luxurious rooms and restaurant. For people who want to stay connected with Prime London, this is the best hotel for them as it is located in the most accessible area of Hyde Park.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park London

3- Hotel Cafe Royal

This hotel in London has the highest rates around the country, but the biggest drawback is that the personal servant will be available for only 24 hours. The hotel feels radiant and vibrant because of the beautiful and charming pastel-shade featured in the rooms. The bathrooms have modern Thassos Marble tiling. This hotel is located close to Hyde Park within London’s Mayfair neighborhood. Different attractions of the city are also accessible due to its favorable location.

Hotel Cafe Royal

4-The Lanesborough

The most famous attraction of this hotel in London is “The Lanesborough suite” which can be booked for a night at the price of £18000. They allow you to drive in the Rolls Royce with a complimentary welcome service. This hotel is located in Central London. One of the most famous restaurants around the globe “Apsleys” is working here which is famous for getting the Michelin star within five months after opening.

The Lanesborough

5-The Langham London

If the tourists prefer to be surrounded by the Asiatic and Oriental aesthetic environment, this hotel in London is the ideal place that is managed by hoteliers from Hong Kong. A romantic cocktail bar is available here named as Artesian, followed by the luxurious restaurant. The heady nightlife of Soho, the village beauty of Marlybone, and positioned close to Oxford street is the hotel’s best location all over London. This hotel was established in 1865, and there is no change in its luxurious qualities since then.

The Langham London

6-Rosewood London

Rosewood is in the deep historic neighborhood of Holln. The architecture and structure of the hotel itself are governed by Edwardian and the Neanderthals. It was rebuilt in the 1910s. The hotel’s entrance is built in the style of a carriageway. The hotel is full of beauty and charm. If you are a victim of romanticizing the past. And if you appreciate jewelry architecture as opposed to minimalism, this is definitely for you.

Moreover, they offer the city’s best breakfasts. They have a collection of artifacts that belongs to British history. Some people have pets. They have also a facility of pets. They warmly welcome you here. Rooms are equipped with Nespresso machines, Wi-Fi connections, and luxurious toilets. However, if there is a complaint against this hotel, it is that they do not offer personal butler service to every guest.

Rosewood London

7-Savoy Hotel London

It is one of the best hotels in London. This hotel reflects many historical backgrounds. It also serves business travelers. As it is very close to London. However, if you want to mingle with the more hip crowd in Soho, you can stay here. If you enjoy some theatrical entertainment this is best for you.  The riverside of the hotel is magnificent. It gives the hotel some personality. Its modern renovations and touches reinforce its presence.

The hotel also has some lovely and charming touches. Its room always has 12 pink roses, often requested by his guest Marilyn Dietrich. All the rooms of this hotel have a separate story. It’s upon you to choose a room of your taste. Moreover, if you choose, you can apply for a private butler for yourself.

Savoy Hotel London

8-Four Seasons Hotel in London At Park Lane

This is the best hotel in London. An important aspect of this is the fact that it is within walking distance of most tourist destinations such as Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. This means you will be away from most parts of London. They also have a really nice staff, who are always helpful and always sympathetic. If you feel tiresome this is the best place for you.

You can drop your children off at a care center where they can pick up books and toys on their own, while you find yourself at a residential spa as needed. In fact, all hotel rooms offer amazing views, be it the Big Ben clock towers or the London Eye Observatory. One of the hotel’s wonderful and charming traditions is to offer another afternoon tea, which is also a great way to mix with other guests.

Four Seasons Hotel in London At Park Lane

9-The Dorchester – Dorchester Collection

The boutique hotel located in Tilney street. This hotel is a little bit noisy due to traffic. Hyde park corner is also located near to the hotel. And a lot of bars, restaurants, and shops on the way to the park. This is a little older deco design hotel. The services of the hotel are superbly elegant. The rooms are very luxurious and of the English style. The decorations in the surroundings of the hotel are changing by the change of seasons.

The visitors always feel the hotel is of the current era. The rooms are luxurious. There are 250 rooms which are bright and charming for visitors. This is one of the best hotels in the world. Many great restaurants are in the hotel. The staff is hard-working and serving the guests the whole day. They serve the popular dishes of the world in their restaurants.

The Dorchester - Dorchester Collection

10-Shangri La Hotel At Shard London

The lovely attraction of the hotel is due to its rooms. The rooms are giving a panoramic view of the river Thames. It is in the south bank of the River Thames. It is too far from the famous Hyde Park and Portobello Market. The hotel building is 95 stories. In this hotel, the rooms furnished with glass walls. Which makes the brilliant scenery of the river Thames. In the hotel, visitors feel like the whole of London underneath them.

The bathrooms are made of marble tiled. There is a lovely cafe in a hotel named LANG. There are plenty of foods available there. The meal is quite wealed to eat than other hotels.

Shangri La Hotel At Shard London

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