Top 10 Most Popular Online Games Played By Kids

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1- Grand Theft Auto V

Among the world’s most famous online games, this Rockstar production game makes its way into the top ten best-selling games each month. This game is a compulsory purchase for all gamers using PvP and PCs. New content is being added to the game time-to-time which is increasing gamers’ interest even more.

2- Destiny 2

This RPG/Shooting game made its way into the top ten best online games over the past twelve years, with amazing graphics and awesome gameplay experience. It performs well on PC’s and consoles, so no need to worry about the game launch unless you have Steam. This Activision productions game remained at the top of the table for a long time.

Destiny 2

3- Counter-Strike GO

Counter-strike GO has been a very famous online game for the past eight years. Over 750,000 players play this game online using PC or consoles. New features and graphics are being added to the game time-to-time, which is increasing its popularity even more.

4- DOTA 2

This Riot productions game is an amazing multiplayer online game with cool graphics and awesome gameplay. This online game has gained popularity in such a short period of time. Nearly a million players play this game and the number is increasing day-by-day.



An arena that joins a huge number of people in a single platform. This multiplayer online game gained its popularity in a very short period of time, especially in India. This is a shooting/RPG game but has gained copycat titles as it is the same copy of Epic Games’ Fortnite. However, its graphics are not that good, and is not such a game to attract a huge audience but it is still popular because of its mobile version.

6- Apex Legends

This AAA productions game is a battle royale genre and was played by over 2 million players about a month ago. This online game was dropped out of the list but made its way back because of its new features and awesome graphics. Apex Legends is a multiplayer online game and is free to play.

7- Minecraft

An unbelievable fact about this game is that according to a record this game was played by over 40 million players and has increased its number till now. This online game seems like a garbage truck to some players but is liked by the majority of online gamers. This game even passed the record of DOTA 2 and CS-GO.


8- Crossfire

A very popular online game in Korea and will soon make its way in the west. This is an RPG/Shooting game just CS-GO and PUBG. Most gamers have never heard about this Korean developed Smilegate entertainment production. The game has been played a big community of gamers which was once recorded reaching 8 million.

9- League of Legends

Another Riot productions game played by around 8 million players each day. This online game holds tournaments each day which gains its attraction towards the gamers community.

10- Fortnite

This Epic Game production is a battle royale online game famous for years. It surely has a view of real-life gaming experience. New features and trends are being introduced day-by-day. Marshmellow music in-game concert is introduced recently. Fortnite has a peak of 10 million concurrent players.

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