Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Dishes

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As we know that every place or country has many special things, that are the source of attraction for that place. But the very great special and tastiest thing of Pakistani dishes are its tasty as well as yummy dishes. Every city of Pakistan has its special dishes that are very special and tasty. As we know that the Punjab province is very famous for its tasty dishes also Sindh is also famous for its tasty and delicious dishes.

Halwa Poori

It is the very famous dish of Pakistan as well as India that is commonly use for breakfast. It includes very soft Halwa and a soft fried dough that is named as Poori. It is loved all very the country and also around the globe. Indeed, the people from different countries when visit Pakistan, they must use to try this special dish.


It is a special dish of Pakistan that basically originated from the province Balochistan. It is basically made up of marinated, roasted and skewed lamb as well as some people love it or eat it with chicken as well. The chicken or lamb is marinated in fact with salt first and then roasted on open fire and then after it is ready to eat.


Zarda is a famous dish of Punjab province basically, in fact the people from all the provinces of Punjab love it. It looks so yummy having a bright yellow color also it has a very special smell as well. It is made up of rice having very organic and natural colors and then they are cooked and ready to eat with dry fruits.


It is introduced in Pakistan now but basically it is an Indian dish. Its name is derived from an Indian word Chatna, meaning to lick. It has somehow sweet, salty and delicious taste. Indeed, it is a small and snack food that is basically consumed in combination with other dishes. It is liked by the visitors all over the world.


It is the most favorite as well as famous Pakistani dish that is either taken as full meal also it is taken in breakfast as well. It is layered, salty and yummy in taste. It is made up of flour and it is fried and then ready to eat. Some people use to garnish the paratha with different vegetables and eat it with different types of sauces. It is basically fried with ghee and oil also.

Seekh Kabab

Kababs are very yummy as well as delicious Pakistani dish that is salty and made with chicken as well as meat and garnished with different types of vegetables are eaten with different types of yummy sauces. It is eaten all over the Pakistan. In fact, the people who visit here loves to eat this delicious dish.


It has very crunchy and tasty flavor and texture. It is taken somehow as meal but basically it is eaten as snack food with evening tea. Visitors from all over the world loves to eat it. It is made up of sometimes with potatoes also with meat filling it has. It is very delicious food and dish of Pakistan.

Chapli Kabab

It is very delicious and spicy meat patty that is basically made up of minced meat and also it has very attractive garnishing when presented. It has a very unique taste and it is eaten all over Pakistan. They are in fact presented with or eaten with different types of sauces and salads and also with Naan.

Chicken karahi

It is basically a Poultry dish that is liked in Pakistan as well as India. The name of dish indicates that it is prepared in a pot that is very deep and it is deeply cooked as well. The dish is made up of meat and chicken and eaten with Naan as well as Roti. It is the most famous dish of Pakistan specially Punjab and the city Lahore is also famous for this dish.


It is also a dish that is famous in Sindh as well as Punjab province. It is made up of meat and chicken and it is eaten with Naan as well as Roti. It is presented with different types of sauces and salads as well. The visitors from all over the world loves to eat it with naan.

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