Top 10 Most Popular WordPress Github Plugins To Use Freely

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Github and WordPress are the two famous programs. At first, we will recognize GitHub. But first, we require to consider git. Git is an open-source version of the control system developed by Lens Torvalds, the same guy who made Linux. A version control system allows developers to revise their projects. It saves these edits in the central storehouse of a system.

This system is very effective when multiple people having a task on the same code or when it is an open-source project. Because each developer can see the changes in the code, download it, and edit it. About a 400million people use Github and it was first developed by Microsoft in 2018.

As you can think up that, many developers who develop themes and plugins for WordPress host source code in GitHub. Some additions allow you to take GitHub WordPress unifications to a whole new level. Some tools add Git features to WordPress and give you version control, put themes and plugins remotely, install them directly from GitHub, insert the archives on your site, and much more.

The best GitHub plugins are;

2-GitHub Updater

The device is not in the WordPress repository but it is a substantial GitHub plugin for WordPress. GitHub Updater lets you update any plugin or theme hosted in GitHub. With this tool, you can allow automatic updates to your GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or Gitea plugins, themes, and language packs. The charm of this tool is that it enables you to upgrade your WordPress plugins and themes anytime you release the latest design. It also assists when its users download an ad or theme from the WordPress repository. If so, they receive updates.

You can only use your plugin when it contains a header in css style. This WordPress GitHub updater is free. You can download its new and old version.


3-WP Pusher

It is the most popular WordPress GitHub. WP Pusher is a great tool that allows you to automatically make changes to your git repository on your WordPress site. That way, you can install and upgrade themes and plugins through GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab anyhow of the hosting you use.

This will be effective for developers as they will upgrade your plugins and themes automatically without using any FTP client whenever they make any new changes to Git Storage. Moreover, WP Pusher is multi-site and you do not need to install Git on your server, whatever hosting service you use will do.

4-GitHub Actions for WordPress

GitHub Actions for WordPress is one of the excellent WordPress GitHub plugins. it is useful for those who develop their own plugins on GitHub. This tool enables you to deploy your new releases directly to the WordPress Plugin Repository whenever you make the latest version on GitHub. It has many advantages because it lets you manage all your progress directly from GitHub. It is a 100% free WordPress GitHub plugin.

5-Gist GitHub Shortcode

It is also included in popular WordPress GitHub plugins. As the name of the plugin tell that you can add the full gist of your work in any post by making shortcodes. For example

Gist ID=”654321″

Moreover, you can also add a file in a gist.

Gist ID=”67890″ file= “[index php]”

It doesn’t receive updates hurriedly. It is free and you can download it from WordPress storage.

Gist GitHub Shortcode

6-Writing On GitHub

It is an excellent WordPress GitHub for writing. As its name suggest that It is used for writing. Many people can write content on GitHub cooperatively. And it also allows its users to edit their work as many times as they want. You can also publish your content when you feel satisfied with it. This is free on WordPress GitHub you can download it from its storage. Moreover, teams can stage and preview the contents of two different WordPress installations as well.

Writing On GitHub

7-Embed Block For GitHub

Embed Block is a great tool for those who want to embed GitHub archives in their sites. It lets you easily add GitHub repository embed blocks in the block editor and show the card with repository information. Gutenberg Editor assists you to add your data to any post or page on your website.

Moreover, it is very convenient to use. The other best thing is that it is free and you can download it from WordPress GitHub.

8-Markdown GitHub

It is unable to receive updates hurriedly for approximately the last six months. But amazingly it is also considered as the best WordPress GitHub Plugins. Markdown GitHub lets you store all of your site information in the GitHub as markdown files and command over all versions of your content.

Whenever the page loads, Markdown questions the GitHub API so the changes you make to the repository are promptly exerted to your site. It is a good choice for those who require to upgrade their site with external users through instant requests. Moreover, this plugin comes with 3 shortcodes to display the last 5 commits, the latest updates to display formatted links for storage, and much more. This tool is free you can download it from WordPress GitHub plugins storage.

9-GitHub Release Downloads

This plugin is also considered in the best WordPress GitHub. This plugin keeps the record of downloads, links, and other data in WordPress storage in the form of shortcodes.

  • The shortcode [grd-count] provides you a record of all your downloads sum which are in WordPress storage.
  •  [grd_list] this code provides you all your downloads list with a description.
  •  [grd_latest_version] it gives you your latest publishment.

Before using this GitHub made important settings in it. This tool is free you can download it from WordPress GitHub storage.

10-GitHub Commit Contribution

It is also included in the best WordPress GitHub plugins. It displays all your work on GitHub. We can say that it shows your potentials to your valuable clients. It reflects your knowledge and abilities as well. It is unified with your portfolio or resume of your website. This plugin is not free you can buy it in only 13USD.

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