Top 10 Most Richest Practicing Lawyers in the World

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Here is the list of rich lawyers in the world.

1.Wichai Thingtang:

Wichai Thingtang is a rich lawyer. He is a billionaire. Thingtang is among a rich lawyers in Bangkok. He is very famous in Thailand. He becomes very famous after won the case of the Thai prime minister. Now he become a celebrity all over the world. He becomes a rich lawyer in the world. He earns most of his money by investments. There are many hospitals that are his own. He is graduated from Thammasat University.

Wichai Thingtang:

2.Robert Shapiro:

Net worth: 120$
He is a rich lawyer in the United States. He is an actor as well as among a rich lawyers. On the big screen, he acts as a lawyer in a movie. His movie won the best movie award in 2015. He also won an award. His wealth comes from his legal career. He is very sensitive to the children. His son died due to drugs. So he wrote a book with a message which is against drugs. He is famous as a lawyer after won a murder case of someone in the UK.

3.Charlie Munger:

Net worth: $1.6 billion
Charlie Munger is a rich lawyer. He is graduated from Harvard. He is the good friend of Warren buffet. Most of his net worth tied in Berkshire. He is a rich lawyer. Charlie is the founder of Munger, Tollens, and LLP. He started law in 1962. After a little time of practice, he becomes one of a famous lawyer. Once he said that “If you get what you want, you have to deserve what you want.

4.Bill Neukom:

Net worth: $850 million
Neukom is a brilliant lawyer. He is the rich lawyer of the 20th century. His cases are very high profile. He is the lead lawyer for 25 years in the 20th century. Bill Neukom is graduated from Stanford. He is working in Microsoft company. This company is responsible for managing legal and governmental affairs. He is the CEO of the giant baseball team of San Francisco. By his guidance, the team won the world series.

5.Judge Judy:

Net worth: $440 million
Judge Judith is among a rich lawyers in her era. He worked firstly in television. She is a very rich lawyer. Judge is a famous host on television in 2018. She raked 47$ million in her latest cool. Judge Judy becomes the highest-paid women host on tv in 2018. She travels only one or two times in a government jet. Because of 9/11. She always uses his own personal jet for travel.

6.Alan Dershowitz:

Net worth: $25 million:
Dershowitz is a famous lawyer. He is a rich lawyer of this century. Dershowitz is a professor at Harvard University. He is the youngest professor and lawyer at Harvard. Alan is graduated from Yale University. He is very famous because he is a professor and lawyer at a young age. Dershowitz is now in the defense team of Donald Trump.

Alan Dershowitz:

7.Mark Geragos:

Net worth: $25 million:
Mark Geragos is a rich lawyer in Los Angeles. He is the criminal defense lawyer. Mark is also a civil litigation lawyer. He is very rich because of his mindset which is brilliant. He won many cases on behalf of his own. Geragos is a lawyer in New York.

8.Roy Black

Net worth: 65 million
Roy Blake is a Miami-based civil and criminal defense lawyer. He defended William Kennedy Smith against rape charges in 1991 and has represented other big names such as Rush Lombok, Kallis Grammer, Jeffrey Epstein, and Justin Bieber. Roy Black is known for his excellent and well-read arguments during the trial, and he scored the highest score at the time in the 1970 Florida Bar Exam. He taught at the University of Miami as a professor associated with criminal evidence.

Blake often appeared on Good Morning America and early shows as a legal adviser. He has also appeared in Miami’s Real House Views as his third wife, Leila Black, is in the cast. Blake began dating Lee a few months after William Kennedy Smith served as a lieutenant in Blake’s case.

9.Jane Wanjiru Michuki

Net worth: 60 million

Jane Michuki is a Kenyan lawyer, investor, and businesswoman who graduated from Warwick University in the United States. She is the managing partner of Kayani & Michoki Advocates. His firm currently represents an extensive list of clients, including Equity Group Holdings, Ltd., the largest bank holding company in Africa, serving more than 9.2 million customers. Michuki offered important advice to a number of large-scale housing project developers in Kenya, including the Surya Group.

In addition to law enforcement, she is the largest female shareholder on the Nairobi Stock Exchange. Michuki is also a recognized philanthropist, serving as both a human rights adviser to the United Nations and a special envoy of the Secretary-General to the United Nations Mission in Liberia.

10.Alan Dershowitz

Net worth: 25 million
Dershowitz is a well-known lawyer and distinguished Harvard law school professor. He was born in New York and left Yale University to pursue a law degree.

Dershowitz was the youngest full-time law professor at Harvard at the age of 28, serving until his retirement in 2013. Since then, he has worked extensively as a political observer, legal analyst, and media expertise in constitutional and criminal law. Assistant, He defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavano against the rape allegations made by Julie Svetnik before Kiwanov was confirmed.

Darshoot recently confirmed his legacy as a household name during Donald J. Trump’s recent impeachment trial. He initially joined Trump’s defense team, even offering to work for free to stop the pure, scientific defense of that continuity. In fact, in order to defend his position, Darschutz published an entire book by Trump in 2018 against the lawsuit. After additional evidence came to light, he clarified his earlier statements, changing his position and eventually publicly calling for Trump’s impeachment.

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