Top 10 Most Tallest Sand Dunes In The World

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There are many sand dunes across the world. They become very tall from the sea level. The sand dunes in world height increase day by day. Every year the sand dunes become tall than last year. Here is the list of the tallest top 10 tallest sand dunes across the globe.

1. Duna Federico Kirbus, Argentina:

Height: 4035ft(1230m).
Height from sea level: 9,334ft (2,845).
It is the largest ever sand dune in the world. It is situated in the world-famous country Argentina. It is just 115m less in height than the US largest peak Nevis. It is discovered by a journalist and also named this dune on this journalist’s name.

Duna Federico Kirbus, Argentina:

2. Cerro Blanco, Peru:

Height: 3,860ft (1,176m).
Height from sea level: 6,791ft (2,080m).
It is the world’s 2nd largest sand dune in the world. This dune is just 25km in the southeast of Nazca. There are many dunes near to this sand dune. And they are 1km flow down every year.

Cerro Blanco, Peru:

3. Medanoso Dune, Chile:

Height: 1,805ft (5500m).
Height from sea level: 1,660ft (5,446m).
Medanos Dune is located in Chile. It is in North America. The desert is super dry. Many peoples do sandboard in this dune. This is the only desert with less precipitation than the polar deserts. It is among the tallest sand dunes.

Medanoso Dune, Chile:

4. Badain Jaran Dunes, China:

Height: 1,640ft (500m).
Height from sea level: 6,640ft (2,020m).
There are many dunes in China but it is the biggest ever in China. It covers about 49000 sq km area in China. It’s ranking in the world’s tallest dunes is number 4. The desert is over 100 spring-fed lakes. It is located in the inner Mongolian.

Badain Jaran Dunes, China:

5. Rig-e- Yalan Dune, Iran:

Height:1,542ft (470m)
Height From Sea Level:3,117ft (950m).
This is the central desert of Iran. It is located in Rig Jenn the enormous area in Dasht-e-Kavir. This sand dune is like a filmy scene. If you are in this desert you see the sand everywhere. Rig e yalan is in the center of this desert and world 5th largest sand dune in the world. The desert in which this dune is located in the hottest desert of Iran.

Rig-e- Yalan Dune, Iran:

6.The Sahara:

Height:1,410ft (430m).
Height From Sea Level:6,500ft (1,980m).
Sahara desert is about 38000 km square in distance. Walking of 100m in this desert is as difficult as you walk 1000m. This is the 6th largest sand dune across the world. In the surroundings of Sahara, there are many other deserts.

The Sahara:

7. Dune 7, Namibia:

Height: 1,256ft (383m)
Height From Sea Level: 1,870ft (570m)
It is located south of Africa. Many sand dunes are located on coasts or desert. But dune 7 is located near to Atlantic coast and in the north of the Namib desert. Its size is about 2000km in Namibia. It is located in one of the oldest deserts of Namibia. This dessert is very good for adventurism.

Dune 7, Namibia:

8. Mount Tempest, Australia:

Height: 920ft (289m)
Height From Sea Level:920ft (280m).
This is the eighth largest dune across the globe. This is on the island and located on the southeast coast of Queensland. It is discovered on Morten Bay.

Mount Tempest, Australia:


9. Star Dune, USA:

Height: 720ft (230m)
Height From Sea Level: 8,950ft (2,730m).
It is the 9th largest sand dune ever in the world. It is located in North America. It’s is in the national park, Colorado. This is named as unimaginably because it is a star in shape and literally increasing in the height.

Star Dune, USA:

10. Great dune of pyla, France.

Height: 699ft (130ft)
Height From Sea Level: 9,334ft (2,845m).
It is among the tallest sand dunes. Great dune of pyla located in southern France. This is only a dune on the list from Europe. It is on the Atlantic coastline of southern France. It is in front of the sea and very good for paragliding experience. People come for a tour to enjoy most of the paragliding in this sand dune.

Great dune of pyla, France.

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