Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World 2020-2025

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All these poorest and underdeveloped countries are suffering through some major issues which includes: civil war and natural resources conflict. But the Earth has enough of these natural resources that every person and every country could enjoy its benefits, then why these countries are poor? This is the basic question with which these countries must deal. The people living in these countries are spending a desperate life due to poverty.

Poverty for a person or a country is like a punishment that no one has committed. But it is the responsibility of government to make a country from poor to rich by increasing its exports, finding natural resources and earning foreign exchange.

1. Madagascar

It is situated on the coast of East Africa, nearly at a distance of 400 kilometres. It is actually a fourth largest Island on the world planet. It is actually famous for its tourism because of its beauty, but this industry is also not much benefiting this country. This country mostly depends on agriculture for its livelihood.

As this country depends on agriculture for its economy, so any weather disaster can destroy all crops. Hence, leaving the country in poverty that is miserable. Population growth is also increasing, which is also a cause of poverty in this country.

2. Comoros

It is basically located in Indian Ocean, north of the Mozambique is full of natural beauty having beautiful beaches and forests. Unemployment is high among the people that are not much educated, it is the basic cause of poverty in this country. It basically needs foreign aid from other countries.

Living in this country depends on fishing, tourism and foreign aids. As the lava-crusted soil is not suitable for, agricultural production is not possible here. The population rate is also high, nearly 800,000.

3. South Sudan

This is basically a new nation in the world and it came into being in 2011, six years after the conflict it was having with Sudan. The foundation on it depends on the longest African’s civil war. South Sudan was a very rich country but as it earns its economy through exports. Oil export is the major of this country, but the price rates of this export are falling, which is the most authentic cause of its Poverty. Other than oil export, the rest of population depends on farming for its livelihood.

As the population rate is increasing day by day, the economy of this country is falling.

4. Liberia

It is Africa’s old republic which is also facing poverty from a long time and it is ranked on number seven in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. This country was at stability till the end of civil war, in 2003, after that it faced decline due to its Government. The government could not deal with the serious issues that include the structural issues as well as systematic issues.

At one time, this country’s president was the famous footballer in the world, but due to government issues later on, this country is facing decline day by day.

5. Mozambique

It was basically former Portuguese colony. It was once having sufficient energy and mineral sources. But now it is ranked on number six in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. Recently, a natural gas offshore field has been discovered that has increased its economy. Its GDP rate is almost 5% and its economy depends on its trade.

A large number of its population is living a life of poverty because the trading system is not sufficient to support its population. It has many eternal Rivals, because of them it is having many problems in having progress.

6. Niger

It is the part of Sahara Desert, and 80% of its territory is covered with Sahara deserts. It is ranked on number five in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. It basically depends for its economy on agriculture, but it is facing a major decline due to many factors which include climate change and desertification.

We are familiar that deserts do not support agricultural land, this country is having 80% desert area which is having decline day by day. The extraction of natural resources is also a way of earning economy in this country but it is also having a decline because of low prices of these natural resources, means this country is selling these natural resources in very low prices.

7. Malawi

It is the Africa’s smallest country. It is ranked on number four in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the is making progress in its economic rate in recent years. Its GDP rate per capital in 2019 is nearly $1,580. This country is having a best government that is democratic ad supports its population by having funds from World Bank and IMF.

But the economy is still facing poverty due to its agricultural and natural resources, as its economy mostly depends on it. The decline is basically due to disaster on rain-fed crops, that could not survive under drastic conditions and die.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

It is ranked on number three in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. Once it was part pf Belgium but then it gained independence from it and now Congo is facing dictatorship and constant violence. But in 2019, the new president was elected. He improved the living of the people, as most of the population is facing malnutrition. Because most of the population earns only one dollar a day. This country could be a richest country in the world as it has to work on the land that is full of natural resources, minerals and different variety of metals.

9. Central African Republic (CAR)

it is very rich country having many natural resources that includes oil, gold, uranium and other metals. Ut it is full of poor people, so it is ranked on number two in the list of top 10 poor countries of the world. This is having a population of approx. 4.7 million, the nation is also having progress as it has elected a president who is also a mathematician and a professor, in 2016.

The country is having progress by earning foreign exchange by the sale of gold and diamond. The government is making progress by leaps and bounds to restore its position.

10. Burundi

It is ranked on number one in the list of top 10 poorest countries in the world. Due to civil wars and other conflicts, it is facing decline. It faced decline because the last donor of this country also cut off the fund. It is also facing a great poverty due to political crisis. It has the main export of coffee, the export of it is also declining and banned. The population rate is also increasing and so the malnutrition rate is also increasing.

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