Top 10 Popular Deadliest Viruses on the Earth

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During every Era, there are some popular deadliest viruses that are very devastating and dangerous. The outbreak of such diseases is very harmful, but some diseases are pandemic, like they spread by touching one another, so they are very dangerous. Among them includes, cholera, typhoid, and many other diseases in human history that were very dangerous.

Although, the outbreak of such pandemic diseases is killing in human history and it is very difficult to overcome these diseases.


This pandemic disease started in Dec 2019, and become the most dangerous disease of the Era as many deaths happened till now by this viral disease. This disease is named as Covid-19 as it is very devastating disease, no body in this globe is having the immunity for this disease. As the WHO has given it the name of a pandemic disease, as it has taken the whole world under its cover.

But by this disease, the people round the globe become aware of taking care of themselves during the era of pandemic disease.


This pandemic disease spread started in 2005 and it ended in nearly 2012. It is also a viral disease that spread from person to person. Almost 36 million deaths happened by this disease. This disease has also proved itself as a pandemic disease that is also devastating for humans.

By now, 31 to 35 million people are spending their lives with this pandemic disease. But this disease is more viral in Sub Saharan Africa.


The basic cause of this disease is Influenza and nearly 1 million deaths occurred by this disease that is very devastating and harmful. A type of FLU PANDEMIC that is known by the name of HONG KONG FLU is also very pandemic, that is caused by H3N2 stain of Influenza. This disease was first reported in a person in 1968 in HONG KONG, from there it started spreading and become dangerous for mankind. By now, this disease is also present in almost 5% population of HONG KONG.


This disease is also very devastating and harmful for humanity. Almost 2 million deaths occurred by this disease and the basic cause of this disease is Influenza. The Influenza A causes Asian FLU, the disease first spread in China in 1956 and lasted in 1958. This disease then started to spread from China to Hong Kong, Singapore and various other countries as it is a pandemic disease. Many deaths occurred by this disease in US alone as well.


The basic cause of this disease is also Influenza and this disease also started in 1918, and became viral or pandemic till 1920. This disease nearly inflected almost third part of the whole world. And almost in 1918, 500 million people were infected by this dangerous viral disease and many deaths happened till 1920 as well because this disease was spread around the globe till 1920.


The cause of this disease is Cholera and around 800,000 above deaths happened with this disease as it is a pandemic disease which is widespread in this world. This disease first spread in India and then got spread around the world. But in India, around 800,000 deaths occurred. Fortunately, in 1923, the cases of cholera were decreased and it was a good sign for the mankind.


The cause of this disease is also Cholera and this is also a deadly disease as around 1 million deaths happened with this disease. It is included in the list of deadly Cholera pandemics. This disease was first originated in India and then spread to Ganges River Delta and from there, it got spread to many great countries of world. The basic of cause of transmission of this disease is Water.


The cause of this disease is Bubonic Plaque and it is a deadly disease as many deaths happened with it, around 75 to 200 million. The disease first outbreak occurred in 1346 and became deadly for the world. The disease basically spreads through rats, and also many other causes are also present for the spread of disease. Ports were also the cause of breeding of rats and it became deadly disease for the people of that time.


The cause of this disease is Bubonic plague and it is a deadly disease as 25 million deaths occurred with this disease. This disease had killed around half the population of world, in which most population of Europe was included. The Plaque of Justinine was very devastating as it has still left its mark in the world.


The cause of this disease is still unknown, this is the reason it is included in the list of deadly disease. The deaths that happened with this disease are around 5 million, still the marks of this disease are present in this world as well.

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