Top 10 Steps To Making A Profit Buying And Selling Websites

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Here are the top 10 steps to making a profit buying and selling websites.


1. Know your limits

The first point in making a profit is that you must know your limits. That is if you want to make money from the website you have to invest at first. Because websites are not active at the start you have to start them up by taking them to live on google. But the thing is you know your limits. If you have 5000 to invest don’t scroll here and there just do it for your self. It’s up to you to take steps for yourself. You must prepare yourself for your investment. Take a bold step at first this is a big deal.

2. Know what sites will grow

You must know the tricks and tips of growing your business for making a profit. You must know the famous niches to write on. Take that niche or the topic which contains the most worldly readable content. Examples include car insurance, consumer electronics, clothing, sports, business, beauty, and health, etc. Websites you may be interested in must include lifetime dates. If you buy a site that will soon become illegal due to the recently passed legislation, or based on its reality, you can get yourself out of pocket.

3. Where to find websites for sale

This thing which is important is where to find the best websites. Don’t be hurry in such type of work you must have to be patient and take a deep look of everything. Don’t run behind wealth first check the quality and then confirm it. Many people commit that folly and repent at the end. Don’t expect to be able to buy quality for a profit of 5 5000 per month for only 15 15,000- this can happen when a site is in its infancy and is immovable. But this is not genuine. In general, the average monthly profit for a relatively small site as a good buyer is 12-18x. If it makes $ 1,000 a month, the asking price of 12,000 to 18,000,000 is reasonable.  Below are some popular places to find websites for sale:

Website Brokers(,, etc.)
Website Marketing (,,, etc.)

4. How to conduct quick due diligence

Before buying any website take a deep tour of everything and be sure that you are doing the right thing for yourself. You can ask some questions to the vendor. Why are they selling it? Common red flags are dying niche, borderline products/services, such as phone unlocking or movie downloads, and recent Google update hits. Do they provide proof of revenue and traffic? Find screenshots of revenue that show the URL or proof of a website that comes from a trusted platform like Google Analytics, a claimed source, and traffic analytics. Can you trust the seller? Take a brief look at their account views and history and do a Google search for their names and see results for at least 2 pages.

5. How to conduct thorough due diligence

You have to complete a survey at the start and then take some actions which you want. Everyone wants to make a profit from online websites. But be careful about everything.

Traffic Analytics. Take a complete survey of the website first thing is traffic on the website the most crucial thing notice at first. Check traffic analytics deeply.
Revenue proof. If necessary, ask the seller to provide a video of the login to their respective account and prove that it is coming from the claimed URL or the account associated with it. For example, get “URL Channel” notifications for Google AdSense.
Speak to the seller. One of the best ways to build trust and connection is to talk to your seller over the phone or on Skype. This will not only help you realize who they are but also increase the likelihood that they will be willing to work with you when the time comes to make an offer.

6. Making the right offer

If you think this is the right website for you, it’s time to make an offer. The key is to start with your lower offer but not to get the attention of the sellers. Make it high enough. If they are asking for 10k and this is more than an 18x monthly profit, then just offering 2k will get you nothing but an angry rejection email. 70% of the asking price is a good starting point.

Highlighting some of the negatives of the website and explaining the reasons why you are offering less money can be helpful in your goal. Also, having cash and being able to prove it will help the seller to believe that you will take good care of the site, even if your offer is low. There are ways to stop them from getting a pass.

7. You own the site, now what?

The answer to this query is to take a step ahead. The more you increase your monthly profit, the higher the price will be once you decide to sell. Thousands of articles have been written on the subject of website building and monetization, and here are some of the best articles on Income Diary.

If you do not have the time, resources, or energy to work on your own, make sure the person you hire has good referrals/feedback and is not being overcharged. ۔ You can increase your bottom line by simply getting more affordable help, but just make sure you’re not sacrificing quality – SEO (search engine optimization) work, customer service, and sales representatives are good examples here.

8. Making the decision to sell

Many people sell their websites and make a profit through it. But for a decision, you must take a look at your website. If your website is attracting huge traffic and generate heavy revenue and has fantastic data that is ranking on google then you should take the decision of selling your website. Don’t hurry.

Also, think about some questions. What percentage of your investment has already been returned? If you sell now, will you get a positive return on your investment? What will you do with the sales revenue? If you are selling to invest in a different website or project, stop and think about it for a minute. How much money is likely to be made from this project’s new website? Is it worthwhile to take advantage of the price as much as possible without waiting too long to sell?

9. How to sell it

This is the most important part. Selling a website works the same way you sell any other product online. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Through brokers, marketplaces, direct and industry forums, you will find the most qualified buyers in the places where you went to buy the site. Key points to remember:

Be prepared to keep detailed records of traffic and revenue, etc. Be available to help with prompt and honest and prompt questions. Most buyers just want to see a clear picture of past performance and more importantly, they can trust you. Don’t be greedy unless you have someone good at an irrationally asking price. Until you have the time and patience to wait, it’s best to stick to a “sweet spot” where both buyers and sellers feel comfortable. There is a good range of 12x to 24x monthly profit multipliers. If you are not sure, search the website brokers’ “seller list” pages or what similar sites have sold on Philippa.

10. Rinse and repeat

The most important thing is don’t give up. If you lose something try again but don’t just give up take initiative for your self no one comes in place of you. But be honest with yourself and others as well don’t play with them. Pay at “University of Life” as my mother used to say, take action, and keep notes. Then, take the advice of many successful internet marketers – once you have an idea of success repeat it. If you lose some money on your first contract, don’t give up. You will have more confidence and experience to try again and hopefully make a profit.

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