Top 10 Tips to Reduce High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure is called silent killer because there is no apparent symptoms. For your body to work normal, a healthy being requires to have blood pressure 120/80 mm-Hg. A good healthy lifestyle can help in reducing high blood pressure levels. Here are top 10 ways to reduce high blood pressure.

1. Lose Weight:

Gaining extra weight is a risk for high blood pressure especially for adults. But good news! according to some study losing even up to 5 percent of your total body weight can bring a great change on your health specially Cardiovascular system. The more you optimize your weight, the easier it will be for your vessels to pump blood throughout your body.

2. Aerobic exercises:

It is true that by losing weight blood pressure is reduced but being hypertensive, the effect is optimal when you add daily exercise to it. Cardiovascular exercise are also known as aerobic exercises which includes jogging, walking, swimming and bicycling. These strengthens the heart muscles and help you to regulate your blood pressure.

3. Physiological distress:

Stress can elevate blood pressure by triggering the sympathetic nervous system which stimulates fight or fighting mood. As a consequence of which the body’s blood pressure accelerates. Chronic stress may lead to play it’s role in developing high blood pressure and can make it worse for hypertensive patients.

4. Diet:

Losing weight and exercise are not enough maintaining blood pressure, it also deals with maintaining a healthy but low cholesterol diet. Vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, white meat luke fish play a role in lowering blood pressure. Excessive cholesterol may lead to narrowing of blood vessels. These work by decreasing LDL levels in blood or it’s absorption and increasing HDL levels.

5. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium balance:

High Sodium and low Potassium intake will lead to the delicate electrolyte imbalance and various adverse effects which include high blood pressure as it’s main. Elevated Sodium levels constrict the vessels and raises blood pressure. Potassium works as a counter electrolyte and balance the negative effects of Sodium. Therefore, in-taking controlled amount of both is important.

6. Limit Caffeine:

By consuming Caffeine raise blood pressure up to 10 mm-Hg. People who are caffeine sensitive are hypertensive. The blood pressure raise within 30 minutes. Thus such people must take it in limited amount. However those who are caffeine sensitive, drinking it regularly are found to have lowered blood pressure.

7. Cut extra crabs:

To control blood Pressure crabs are one of the main factor. For lowering blood pressure by lowering crabs, weight is reduced too. Thus blood pressure and heat complications as well. The more you take refined crabs, Converts immediately into sugars in blood and cause problems. It is one of the simplest way to control blood pressure.

8. Limited alcohol intake:

When alcohol is consumed by people in greater amounts, or being drinking, has been found to increase blood pressure and intoxication. It also interacts with blood pressure medications as it lowers the effect. So alcohol should be consumed to one drink per day, no more than this, or be ready for it’s negative effect on heart and blood pressure.

9. Smoking:

One of the main cause increased blood pressure and heart disease as it narrows the arteries. Quitting smoking can help a lot in lowering blood pressure specially the chain smokers. The one who successfully quit smoking, have chances to live longer than those who smoke regularly.

10. Meditation:

Meditation can lower blood pressure. It is one of the stress reducing technique. When you meditate your body switches to relax mode and control your blood pressure.

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