Top 10 UK universities 2019-20

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 10. University College London (UCL)

Established in 1826, UCL is the third most seasoned college in England. It’s held its place in tenth, and gets itself third in the London rankings.

UCL holds the amazing honor of being the primary college to concede understudies of any race, class or religion, and to invite ladies on equivalent terms with men.

The college’s amazing blend of renowned graduated class incorporate Alexander Graham Bell, Jonathan Ross and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

9.University Of Bath

The University of Bath is another contestant to the best 10 UK colleges, rising two spots having positioned eleventh for a long time in succession.

The college offers some of the best Graduate Prospects of any of the unis in the general top 10 and is, obviously, situated in the staggering World Heritage Site city of Bath.

While you may not perceive a large number of Bath’s graduated class by name, it merits calling attention to that an entire host of effective competitors examined there – including a huge amount of Olympic medallists.

8. Loughborough University

Loughborough University has slipped one spot this year, yet at the same time makes the UK’s best 10 for a fourth sequential year. Scarcely astonishing when it was as of late found to offer more an incentive for money than some other college in the UK.

The college, which is best known for its affinity for sports (it was additionally Team GB’s HQ during the London Olympics), is said to rank profoundly to some degree on account of its extraordinary designing division, also as fashion and materials.

Loughborough puts a ton of accentuation on understudies graduating with an all-round range of abilities. To this end, it offers each undergrad understudy the opportunity to complete a year in industry as part of their degree on the off chance that they need to.

7.University of Lancaster

Lancaster in the North West of England is one of the UK’s ‘new’ colleges set up during the 1960s. Lancaster has an incredible notoriety and has sat comfortably in the best ten ranking over the most recent couple of years.

Up one spot from a year ago, Lancaster additionally positions third in the UK for Graduate Prospects and  got the best quality level in the TEF Awards.

Lancaster is one of just six university colleges in the UK, close by any semblance of Cambridge, Oxford, and Durham, and its eight undergrad schools are named after spots of enthusiasm for the North West of England.

6.University of Durham

The University of Durham was established in 1832 and was the principal college to open in England for over 600 years. It’s consistently one of the most elevated positioned universities in the UK and has the second most elevated extent of secretly taught understudies in the nation.

Durham has a considerable amount of well known previous understudies, as well, including previous Bond entertainer Roger Moore – however his investigations were stopped in the wake of being drafted in for National Service.

Durham has superb scores for Good Honors and Degree Completion as per CUG, yet it falls down somewhat on its understudy satification rating.

5. Imperial College London

Imperial College London was established in 1907 – at first as a major aspect of the University of London, yet ending up completely autonomous in 2007. Supreme practices in science, engineering, businessand medicine, and in spite of falling one spot this year, makes the main five colleges in the UK for the fifth year running.

The college has around 18,000 understudies and among its graduated class are H.G. Wells and Brian May (the guitarist in Queen), the last of whom considered astronomy at the college!

With a score of 90.4/100, Imperial’s Graduate Prospects are the second most noteworthy in the UK – so your odds of getting a new line of work when you graduate are shockingly better than if you’d learned at Oxford or Cambridge!

4.London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

fourth in the UK and number one in london, the London School of Economics and Political Science has never completed outside of the best five in CUG’s UK college rankings.

The college’s rundown of acclaimed alumni is likewise really noteworthy, and incorporates Mick Jagger, David Attenborough and even a previous Prime Minister as Clement Attlee!

Fourth place in the CUG rankings is something to be pleased with for LSE, going some approach to disperse the failure of just getting bronze in the TEF.

3. University of St Andrews

St Andrews is the most seasoned college in Scotland, and despite the fact that the exact foundation date is obscure, we realize it was some time somewhere in the range of 1410 and 1413. As you’ll be very much aware, the college’s graduated class incorporate the preferences of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who met while concentrating there.

The college reliably positions as perhaps the best college in the land, however it truly appears to exceed expectations in understudy satification – St Andrews beats every single other college in the UK with a score of 4.26/5.

So, its alumni prospects are a considerable amount lower than the various unis in the main 10 – you can’t have everything!

2. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is the most established college in the English-talking world. The accurate date of foundation is obscure, yet there’s proof of instructing as far back as 1096. Once more, this college has instructed some outstanding individuals including Rupert Murdoch, Michael Palin and Richard Curtis.

Oxford scored 989/1000 in the CUG’s rankings, indicating exactly how limited the hole among itself and the main spot is. It’s additionally significant that Oxford outflanked the uni in the lead position (as though you can’t think about what it’s identity is) in various classifications, including Good Honors, Degree Completion and Research Quality.

This all being stated, getting a spot at Oxford doesn’t promise you a top class degree – as one understudy discovered when he attempted to sue the college for £1m in light of the fact that he didn’t get a first!

1.University of Cambridge

Established in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the second most established college in the UK. What’s more, as you most likely definitely know, Cambridge brags an entire trudge surely understood graduated class including Sir Ian McKellen, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Monty Python’s John Cleese and Eric Idle, to give some examples.

Cambridge reliably possesses one of the best two spots on group tables for UK colleges, and it’s currently positioned in the lead position for not one, not two, not three, but nine years in a line.

They likewise have a Professor of Lego,so it’s difficult to contend that the main spot isn’t merited!

Furthermore, don’t give their tip top notoriety a chance to put you off – in case you’re uncertain whether it’s for you, take motivation from our meeting with Ibz Mo, the YouTuber crushing limits at Cambridge.

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