Top 10 Unique and Healthy Vegetables 2020 – 2021

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some vegetables are very common besides they are full of nutrients as well as vitamins, they include some vegetables that are available to us in daily life which include carrots, pepper, lettuce and many more. Although, these are healthy vegetables, if we consume them its enough for our diet and it also balances our skin as well. These actually give glow to our skin basically.

It is also the reality that the consumption of vegetables has lessen the risk of heart attacks and many other diseases as well. So, here I am going to list out some very exciting vegetables that may be you never have heard about but they are very healthy for us.

1. Daikon

It is basically a vegetable that is used in Asian dishes and it is a winter radish. It has basically resemblance with white carrot and it is crunchy in texture. It has a leafy white top and is a unique addition in our vegetables, as I guess many people might not have heard about it. It basically provides very low calories to the consumer, almost 25 per cooking of a cup. It has vitamin C, copper, potassium and many other nutrients as well. This vegetable also contains many of the plant compounds which is glucosinolates, that is having anti-cancer properties.

2. Taro root

It is basically grown in Africa and Asia and it is a root vegetable, having basic carbs in it. After cooking, it has a very yummy taste and sweet smell. It is having various nutrients and vitamins that include vitamin B and E, fibers, magnesium, manganese and phosphorus. This vegetable is basically famous because it has good qualities for digestion. The fiber in this vegetable is acting as prebiotic, which enhance the growth of the bacteria that is beneficial for the immune system.

3. Delicata squash

This vegetable is harvested in winters, it has a very unique shape. It is having an oblong shape, and creamy strips outside it. It is actually a summer squash. This squash has no need to peel off the rind outside it, as like other squashes. This vegetable is not so common in many of the countries. It has smell like combination of many other vegetables, it has pumpkin like sweet smell. It is basically a good alternative for potatoes as it is having very low amount of carbs.

4. Sunchokes

Its scientific name is Jerusalem artichoke, it is sunflower like vegetable, it is basically having edible tubers that are commonly known as sunchokes. It is not so popular in many of the countries, it basically as resemblance with ginger root but not too much. After cooking, it has a taste somehow nutty. This vegetable is having a large amount of iron that is very beneficial for health, iron is basically a source of production of red blood cells. It also has fibers that are good for our digestive system.

5. Chayote squash

It is related to the family of pumpkins and zucchini. It is very healthy as well as unique vegetable, having very beneficial effects on our body and skin. The squash is wrinkled as bright green in color, its skin is its edible part and the color of skin is white. Its flesh is mostly consumed in raw form but some people also use to cook it as well.

It is having very low calories, it also contains vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It has vitamin B which is involved in DNA synthesis and in many cellular processes.

6. Dandelion greens

This plant has one special character that every part of this plant is edible and mostly its leaves are called as Dandelion is full of nutrients and vitamins. Yet many people mind have not heard of its name as it is not present in all parts of the world. Although it is not so popular but it has iron, phosphorus and polyphenol antioxidants.

This vegetable is having very low sugar content and calories, though we can say it is good for various cellular processes.

7. Fiddleheads

It basically belongs to the family of ferns and its leaves are edible. Its leaves are flavorful and look beautiful. Their shape is somehow rounded and curled and they are mostly harvested from the immature ferns. Their best character is that they are having plant compounds which include vitamin C, provitamin A and manganese.
This vegetable is full of nutrients and minerals that gives refreshing effect to our body and mind as well.

8. Jicama

It is basically an edible root of the plant Pachyhrizuserosus vine. Its flesh is white and edible, also sweet in taste as well. Its shape is like turnip but not as common like this vegetable, it is found in Africa mostly.

It is a tuberous vegetable and it contain vitamin C, this vitamin is water soluble, so it acts as antioxidant and is good for our immune system.

9. Cassava

It is actually a root vegetable and it basically has resemblance with sweet potato, but its taste is somehow milder and nuttier than sweet potato. It is important for our thyroid glands, as it contains cyanogenic glycosides. It contains vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and copper. This vegetable is also resistant to drought as well.

10. Celeriac

It is a mix combination of parsley and celery, it is actually a root vegetable, that is full of nutrients. It is basically used as a substituent part of potato in soups as it contains a very less quantity of carbohydrates. Some people cooked it before use but some use it in the raw form which is also beneficial.

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