Top 10 Video Games 2019

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1.Mortal Kombat 11

The developer of Mortal Kombat 11 is NetherRealm studio and publisher is Warner Bros.Mortal Kombat 11 is fighting video game.The game was released on 23rd april 2019 in North America and Europe.The game has many favourable reviews

2.Kingdom Hearts ΙΙΙ

Kingdom Heart ΙΙΙ is the 12th installement in Kingdom Heart series.Video game is Published and developed by Square Enix for Xbox One and playstation 4.Game is based on Action role playing  played by single person at a time.

3.Crash Team Racing:Nitro Fueled

Crash Team Racing:Nitro Fueled is published by Activision and developed by Beenox.It is a kart racing game .It is released on 21 june 2019.It can have multiplayer or can be also played by single player.

4.Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is published and developed by Capcom.It is an action adventure hack and slash video game.This video is for playstation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft  Windows.This video game recieved recieved many positive response form the masses.

5.Sekiro:Shadows Die Twice

It is an adventrous  action video game which is developed by From Software and is published by Activision.This video game is released for Microsoft Windows,Xbox One and play station 4 around the whole world on 22 march 2019.It can be played by only one player at atime.

6.Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver.It is  a first person shooter video games which is released on 15 February 2019.This game have many positive responses.Mode of game is single player.

7.Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is developed by Id software and piblished by Bethesda Softworks.It is an upcoming video game  which is first person sharp shooter.The game will be released in november.Doom Eternal is for google stadia,Microsoft Windows,Play station 4 and Xbox One.

8.Far Cry:New Dawn

Far cry :New Dawn is developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.It is  an action first person shooter video game.It is released on 15 February 2019 and is for Xbox One, Play station 4 and Microsoft Windows.This game hs many good reviews by the players.The mode of game is both single player as well as multiplayer.

9.Super Mario Marker 2

This video game is released world wide on on 28 june 2019.The game is developed and published by Nintendo .It is a side scrolling platform game.It can be played both by single player and Multi player.

10.Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is developed and published by Capcom and it is for play station 4,Xbox One.It is a survival horror game.It is the best ever game played throughout the world.The mode of game is single player.



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