Top 10 World Leading Fashion Brands

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Nike is one of the best multinational  association which comprises of footwear,apparel,accessories and equipments sales aroun the whole world.The company was established in 1964 by the Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.It is one of the world leading brand with best quality.


The creator of Adidas is Adolf Dassler.Adidas is a German company.This brand is offering foot wear accessories and cloths .It is world second largest  sport wear manufacturer and first largest in Europe.Headquarter od Adidas is in Herzogenaurach.


Levis is American clothing brand which is widely known for its denim jeans.The quality of fabric is marvellous.Levis was founded by Levi strauss in 1853.Levis is offering best quality to their customers around the whole world.


Gucci is one of the  Italian luxurious fashion brand and sports goods.The creator of Gucci is Guccio Gucci in 1921.In 2014 it is positioned  in top 100 brands.Gucci is offering best quality to their customers.In 2017 total number of stores of Gucci around the whole world was 550+.

5.Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is Amweican brand that consist of mid range to luxurious fashion products.This brand include four categories that are apparel,accessories,home and fragrances.The name of creator of this amazig fashion brand is Ralph lauren.approximately there are 585 outlet throughout the world.

6.Calvin kelin

Calvin Kelin is an American brand.It is a luxurious fashion brand that was established in 1968.Calvin Kelin is specialized in lifestyle,leather,jewellary,ready to wear,watches,fragrances and home furnishing.Calvin Kelin also consist of haute couture garments.The head center of the company is in Midtown Manhattan,New York.


Aeropostale consist of casual,apparel and accessories and the main target is for 14 to 17 years old teen.In 1987 first Aeropostale store was opened which is situated in Thousands Oaks,California.The founder of Aeropostale is R H Macy and Co.Aeropostale has invented the world fashion.


Versace is an Italian luxurious brand established in 1978.Gianni Versace is the founder of the luxurious brand Versace.The main item of the brand Versace consist of italian ready to wear and leather products.Versace is best known for its quality.It is one of the leading brand in the world.

9.American Eagle

American Eagle is an American  clothing and accessories brand.It was established in 1977 by two brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman.The main target of brand  is for male and female students of university although older adults can also wear this brand.Some of the popular products offered by American Eagle are polo shirts,jeans,graphics T shirts, sweatpants ,boxer briefs etc.

10.Abercrombine and Fitch

Abercrombine and Fitch is an American brand.The main focus  of this brand is on casual wear.The creator of Abercrombine and Fitch is David T. Abercrombine Ezra Fitch.It is best known for its best quality throughout the world.




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