Top 10 World Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

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Loyalty and extreme love is very difficult to find in today’s world. Many well-known personalities has regarded in general the love of animals as the most loyal and unconditional love and in particular the dogs love. Dogs are the animals that are considered to be the best friend without anything in return. They love you extremely indefinitely and unconditionally. They are most sincere to give you company at your rainy days. This is what they have been categorized in different traits. The article hereby, explain different traits of these dog and the top most beautiful dog breeds have been categorized below.


Every dog has certain traits Pomeranian mainly called as “poms” is famous for its double coats that makes it the most familiar among all. This breed varies in colors it can be sable, red, orange, lavender, brindle, merle, chocolate and cream. You can imagine how much effective and attractive it would be in its different colors. This breed is famous for its activeness. This weighs between 1.3-3.3kg and measure 7-12 in height. Poms are very active to learn new tricks and they rapidly gain commands.

These are pet dogs that are most loyal to the family and obedient to their commands. Moreover, they are very much alert of strangers. They have very loud barks that are easily and enough to recognize any strangers so this factor is very helpful for any family to protect addition Pomeranian are very playful and joyful. Small children should be away from them because of its playful nature it can harm the, but they get very close to older ones, these dogs are good companion for you at jogging.



These are the dogs that are mostly resembling to wolf and it has a unique characteristics of almond shaped and multicolored eyes and marks on the face .these are the various colors that make the most unique. Moreover,Siberian husky has the thicker coat among all other breeds. It is 21-24 inches high and weighs between 22-28kg.these dogs love to learn as these are the most eager to learn and are good at outdoor activities. They require training to perform activities. These are the active and intelligent dogs. The most favorite task of these breeds is to dig garden and yards. But well trained dig the allowed spots. Good hiking and jogging companion. They are good at hunting and playing with toys.



The most smart and intelligent breed possessing good nature this is a kind of cheerful dog that that has dense water repellent coat either straight or wavy. Their coat is of different shades of golden that makes it prominent in traits. This is familiar with being as a rescue dog the well obedient and energetic dog.
It weighs 35 kg and 24 inches in height. This comes in category of slow maturity due to this it remains 4 years of age. They need to be trained at an early ages due to its less maturity. This dog sheds throughout the year. The best nature they possess is calm nature for this they cannot be good guard, but they remain loyal and obedient and are very quick to learn tricks. They love to perform tasks.



This dog is of moderate size and looks like miniature is famous among us and possess square muzzle. This is most intelligent and social dog that has strong bond with family members. However, this has various colors but tree-color, brown shading on black and white is has height between 14-16 kg and weighs up to 11 kg. Beagle has large eyes and long low set ears. These are social dogs enjoys playing with children. Moreover, they are very gentle and watchful. Their breed is very good at hunting so small pets must be kept away from their reach.



Al large and beautiful dog that is breed in japan. The large breed weigh between 34-54 kg and height is of 26 inches. Moreover these have special characteristics among different is divided into two kinds. Akita Japanese and Akita American. Japanese Akita are of 5 colors mainly pure white, fawn, red, sesame, and brindle. But American ones come in all colors. They possess playful nature like most of the existing dogs and they require training at a very initial stages in order to be involved with family members.



The most powerful and strong dog. This is one of the very oldest dost that bred to weight pulling but now they have come in to category of pet dogs. They have and thick and colorful coats. They have height of 25inches and weighs 40 kg. Moreover, Alaskans varies in colors they have marking on face and neck that give it resemblance of fox. This dog requires early training and socialization so they do not come into category of watchdog however they are joyful and playful with children.



The bernese is a kind of dog that comes from one of varieties of Swiss mountain dog. This is a large and beautiful dog breeds in Switzerland. These are of black and white color. The dog is social and possess joyful nature. Moreover, this dog has rust marking on eyes mouth AND FRONT LEG THAT gives it uniqueness. They have bushy tail and triangular ears. They weighs between 24 and 28 inches and weighs 50 kg. They are easy to learn tricks to acquire maturity. Their specialty is that they are developed as a farm dog to protect means they are loyal and protective.



This dog is bought from Iceland by Viking settlers between 874 A.D and 930.these are for protecting the lambs. However they comes in various colors including, golden, black, tan and red. They have thick coat that serve them to protect themselves from cold weather. They have medium size height between 12-16 inches. They are very alerts and learns trick very quickly. Their coat is of two kinds long and short. They are social and joyful dog breeds.



A small dog famous for its distinguishable coat and whiskers. Because the coat is double coat a harder outer and softer inner this is the factor of its unique traits. They are beautiful with its long fur on the legs and bushy eyebrows and has height of 12-14 inches and weighs up to 7 keep it in good condition the dog needs to be combed daily. This is of various colors .this dog is very affectionate and loyal to be breed by families. They are suspicious and protective ones. And get closed to children easily because of its playful nature. They can learn tricks at a glimpse of eye.



The dog has appearance of lion and is breed in northern china. This comes in the category of powerful dogs. Their coat is either rough or smooth possessing thick fur on neck. The dog varies in colors that makes it eye catching for others. They are very much famous for protection and hunting like lions. Adult chow chow has length between 17 to 20 inches and weighs up to 32 kg. The most unique character of chow chow is its black blue tongue and straight hind legs. Other factor is that it is and independent and stubborn dog for this they need to be trained at puppy- hood itself. If it is trained it can be very good family dog. They demands more care and attention as compared to others dog because they can be harmful if not trained.


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