Top 10 World Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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Peace is the most important function that stands at the top most priority. But at the other place
it is the most difficult task to maintain peace either in one’s life or in country. How blessed will
be a nation if it has ability to acquire peace in its country to live a prosperous life ahead. Where
there is peace there is well economic conditions. People suffers very less and every individual is
satisfied with one’s life as well as with the nation.

So top 10 most peaceful countries has been categorized below:


Iceland stands number one in the record of peaceful country. People living there enjoys a
peaceful life and are prosperous in their way of doing work. They sleep well at night without
the fear of any damage to their health and wealth. Icelanders are facilitated by good education
system and are free from armed or military forces because people already cares about each
other rights and way of living which maintains peace in their nation.

Iceland has very low population about 350,000 which includes NATO members there is no
crowd so that the rights of people are not restricted from freedom. Among this small
population 97% of the people describes themselves as middle and working citizens and tis led a
great progress in conclude Iceland is the most happiest country non exist of
economic problems.


A country that stands second in index and apart of this it has never slipped below 4 th in global
peace index. New Zealand has great focus on is societal and military context that make is the
most progressed nation and a happiest place to live. New Zealand has gained great score in
terms of domestic and international conflicts.

The education system to almost 4.7million people is provided well. Moreover, health issue are
resolved by providing health facilities to people. However, New Zealand faces certain issues of
economic factor. Because there is great gap between rich and poor that makes it difficult to get
housing with low income. Apart from this New Zealand is peaceful place to live


When beating your own drums of peace, how can Portugal be left behind. This country has set
the best example of emerging state. Moreover, Portugal is famous for setting an example of
climbing the ladder of success with approximately 10 million people and changed the overall
living standard by standing on fifth in 2016 from eighteenth position. This place is treated as the

favorite expat destination for quality lifestyle experience. This is the most beautiful place with
peaceful environment.


This place has moved from its peripheral position to borderline between east and west to larger
Europe with about 8.7 million people. Austria is a young member of EU and outside NATO.
Austria gives its best in terms of education and overall political factor. Its economic condition
are good but still suffers certain losses need certain improvement in order to make it the top
most nation of peaceful condition. This has gained certain progress in terms of facilitating its
people and maintaining a good living system.


Denmark fall from second spot to fifth due to recent deterioration in militarization. Overall it is
the place of peaceful environment and a good place to live and visit. In addition to it, this place
has good economic condition and political stability. Right of humans are protected at its
extreme. Denmark has good education system and it is free from crimes and other negative
activities. This serves to the good place of living and scores a good position in overall index in
terms of prosperity of people this has land marked cross party to increase its defense budget by
20% to match with Nordic and Sweden’s expenditure level.


It stands 6th among 163 nations. And raised its position in terms of internal conflicts, level of
crime and political stability. Canada is very stable in terms of education and providing job has been raising in terms of progress. However, it has been recognized that
Canada suffers risk of trade tension with USA as per IMF. There need to maintain certain
strategies to get its position back in to the index to the top most peaceful country. Because it
has been very good nation in resolving internal conflict intelligently. And providing great ease to
its individuals


Singapore once a place of violent has now became a peaceful place to live. They have worked a
lot to eliminate all the negative vibes and crimes from the state. Moreover, Singapore has
developed a good militarization and struggled to maintain a good environment of educational
system and removing the domestic and international was standing on 21 st place to 7 th
now onward by acquiring a peaceful environment to provide great ease and opportunities to
citizens of every depends on seaborne trade for its this great struggle and
efforts of Singapore are shown by listing them in the index of peaceful country.


The top most performing nation in emerging has climbed 3 spots from 2018.this place
is considered as the piece of paradise with very low population and with every individual
considering the rights of others, maintain political stability and eliminating all the violence from
the country. It is mist peaceful place to can feel being in paradise because the country
is free from over crowd and a good system to live. Slovenian are happy to get the opportunities
accordance to their needs. Live a good tension free life, afford all of the needs that provide
them great ease. So what else could be considered for a peaceful country as the Slovenian have
in shape of Slovenia?


I has 9th spot in global is more densely populated country. Stands 3 times more than
Europe and 12th times more than USA. This country has set good example in decreasing the
crimes of the nation. It has followed downward has shaky relation with china and
especially North Korea. Due to certain conflicts with neighbor countries it has been ranked at
the 9th conclude, japan has made certain progress to develop its country and facilitating
its individual to live a better life and get all the opportunities and protect them from violent


Down three spots from last year this state has shown great improvements and efforts in
political stability, personal security and international relations.

This country performs well in many aspects of life to develop a good system in country, they are
good at job and earnings, work life balance skill and education. But most of individuals aged 25-
64 have not completed their secondary education and this factor restrict their progress. Apart,
they have improved and are counted as one of the most peaceful country among top 10. And
this place is peaceful from many others.

Top 10 World Most Peaceful Countries in the World

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