Top 10 World’s Biggest Anaconda In The World

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Here is the list of the top 10 world’s biggest Anaconda. The world is full of many other species. Snakes are also world-famous animals. There are many sizes and types of snakes. Many snakes are largest in size and here we discuss the largest snakes of the world.

1. Green Anaconda:

It is among the world’s biggest anaconda. It is the largest snake ever discovered in the world. This is gigantic in size. The posterior color of the snake is black and having egg size green or yellow spots on it. This is too long in size and about 20 to 30 feet. Green anacondas usually eat wild animals.

Green Anaconda:

2. Burmese Python:

This snake is founded on the southeast Asian side of the world. They are also a very dangerous snake in the world. It is too big in size and the second largest snake in the world. The weight of a Burmese Python is about 250 to 400lb.

Burmese Python:

3. Reticulated Python:

It is the third-largest snake across the globe. Reticulated Python is from the reptiles category and very stronger in power. It swims in the water very fast. These types of non-venomous snakes are very big in size. It is located in southeast Asia. This is also among the world’s biggest anaconda.

Reticulated Python:

4. Amethystine Python:

This snake is yellowish in color. They are very dangerous snakes in the world. Their power is very high. They are also found in Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea. Its color is pale brown and they are greenish in color. The weight of these snakes is around 205lb.

Amethystine Python:

5. African Rock Python:

The fourth-largest snake in the world is African Rock Python. It is non-poisonous but also a hunter. They hunted animals of the forest in the summer and rainy seasons. They are long in size and their weight is about 250lb. These snakes are dormant in winter. They are also very active. It is also among the world’s biggest anaconda.

African Rock Python:

6- Indian Python

The sixth name in the list of the largest snakes in the Indian python. These snakes are found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The habitat of these dragons is different from swamps, grasslands, and forest foothills.

Indian Python

7- Yellow Anaconda

The yellow anaconda is the seventh-largest snake in the world. These beautiful snakes are found in South American countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia. They are also found in northeastern Argentina and southwestern Brazil. An adult yellow anaconda can weigh up to 15 pounds and weigh up to 125 pounds. They have gray patches on their bright yellow skin. These anacondas usually live in swamps, swamps, riversides.

Yellow Anaconda

8- Boa Constrictor

The eighth-largest snake is the boa constrictor. It is also known as a common or red-tailed odor. These non-venomous snakes are found in Central and South America. They are very popular as pets. Unlike other snakes, they give birth to living young that lay eggs. A female constellation can give birth to a maximum of 60 snakes at a time.

Boa Constrictor

9- Cuban Boa

The ninth-largest snake is the Cuban Bo, which, like other members of the Bo Bo family, is non-venomous. They are found in Cuba, and the neighboring islands can grow up to 16 feet and weigh about 60 pounds. These snakes are found in trees and lurk in umbrellas for hunting. These kisses give birth to young instead of laying eggs.

Cuban Boa

10- Papuan olive python

The papano olive dragon is considered to be the tenth largest snake on earth. These snakes are found in Australia, the islands of Papua and New Guinea. These snakes are 10 to 14 feet long and weigh 40-50 pounds.

Papuan olive python

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