Top 14 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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There are a lot of islands founded across the world. The islands are the places for people to relax their moments of life. Some islands are full of sand and peoples relax in it under the Palm trees. And the beaches with the blue sea around the island are making a beautiful scene and give peoples rest from their life problems. But all the islands are not the same. In some empires, people make their religious empire. Some are full of forests and many other beautiful sights. Here are the 15 most beautiful islands of the world written below.

1. The cook island:

If you visiting the South Pacific cook island is the only place for relaxation of your minds. A lot of peoples in the south Pacific prefer to visit this island on their vacations. This island is full of amenities. It is near to NewZealand. So there are many top resorts to live on this island. The beaches are full of Palm trees and people enjoy a lot and make their happiest moments of life very brilliant.

The cook island:

2. Maldives:

The Maldives is the state or island near to Srilanka and India. It is the lowest island on the earth. There are no chances of Maldives to survive at the end of this century. But the island is the best place for tourists in the Indian ocean. There are luxurious resorts on this island. It is just 3m up from sea level. The big cause of climate change on planet earth is the Maldives.


3. The Bahamas:

The Bahamas is one of the best islands for worldwide tourists. It is the Caribbean island. Full of amenities peoples want in their time of relaxation. The best type of food cooked on this island. Its beautiful attraction is due to the flourishing idyllic beaches. The world-class shopping centers available. The bimini is the best place for peoples to do fishing. Fishing is a big game in the Bahamas. Is one of the longest islands.

The Bahamas:

4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

This is one of the best south Pacific islands. It is full of amenities and places to visit. There are a lot of volcanic island stars. Fishes, sharks, and under water animals swim in the beautiful clean water. If you afford the high level of facilities and want to relax in your relaxed time of life. Just buy a bungalow in this big island and make your life happier moments happier with your life partners.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia:

5. Santorini, Greece:

Santorini is a spectacular island ever in Greece. Is full of dramatic beauty. It is included in the top beautiful islands of the world. Because the black beach of Persia is also located on this beautiful island. The blue-domed churches, bleached white villas, and volcanic cliffs are sparkling against the sea. The island makes an eye-popping impression on the people who visit this island. The ancient Thira, Archeological site is a wonderful place on this island.

Santorini, Greece:

6. Palawan, Philippines:

Palawan is a naturally beautiful island in the world. It is full of forests and beautiful sights in the world. The big passion for this island people is fishing. Fishing is one of the best things for the people of Palawan. The main attraction of Palawan island the unique wildlife. Coron is a living place on this island. World top diving is on the Palawan island. It is one of the popular the best places for relaxation moments of life.

Palawan, Philippines:

7. Seychelles:

Seychelles is one of the beautiful islands in the east of Kenya. It is the main attraction place of the people. It is very worthwhile to travel to this island. Because many of UNESCO affiliated jungles are on this island. This is also one of the best islands of Fishers. Its beautiful beach is powdery and flanked by giant builders. It is one of the richest ground for fishing. Which makes it the destination of anglers.


8. St. Lucia:

This is one of the beautiful Caribbean islands. There are luxurious landscapes which are 700 above sea level. This is a breathtaking stunning scenery for peoples who wants to visit this island. This island drenched itself in a topographic drama. The beaches are golden and full of Palm trees. The waterfalls and coconut palms increase the beauty of st. Lucia.

St. Lucia:

9. Bali, Indonesia:

Bali is one of the beautiful Indonesian islands. There are many Hindus temples on this island. A lot of religious places on this island. This island makes an icebreaking impression due to its beauty. Surfing, Swimming and sunbathing are the best activities for the peoples of this island. So many beautiful beaches and full of Palm trees make a brilliant impression of lush on treatments, shopping and hiking are also the best things on this island.

Bali, Indonesia:

10. Capri, Italy:

Capri is an Italian island. It is just a few km away from the Amalfi coast. This is the most attractive island for tourists due to its blue grotto. Anacapri is the highest town on the island. To reach this place the chair lifts are used. The high areas give a spectacular look at the whole island. The tourists on the roads of Capri having bags full of clothes of the designers of Capri. Pizzas are the best food on this beautiful island.

Capri, Italy:

11. Whitsunday Islands, Australia:

Whitsunday is one of the beautiful islands in Australia. It is a sparkling island rising from the blue sea. There are about 74 islands of Whitsunday. Most peoples of these islands do sailing. Airlie beach is the main launching point for Whitsunday adventure. This is an extreme ecosystem protected by six national parks.

Whitsunday Islands, Australia:

12. St. Barts:

St. Barts is also a beautiful Caribbean island. This is a too costly island all the time. But it’s beauty attracts a lot to the tourists. On this island, there is a luscious taste of France in the tropics. The attractive blond beaches of this island make it beautiful. The things which the tourists like the most are the dining of the st. Barts. If you live in this island you can make your moments of life happier and beautiful.

St. Barts:

13. Sardina, Italy:

Sardina is a beautiful island across Italy. It is full of amenities peoples wants in life. The blissful sand beaches, rugged coastal peaks, and unique blend of cultures make the island beautiful. It is on the Mediterranean sea. And tourists want facilities which are available on this island. Sabrina is home to the biggest canyon in Europe. Beautiful resorts and foods like pizzas make the island most beautiful.

Sardina, Italy:

14. Kaua’i:

Kaua’i is a very beautiful island. It is known as a golden isle. Because of its rain forests and the inner waterfalls. The forests are you full and makes people to stay in this island. The blue sea is full of turtles and fishes. Most divers from whole world come to make competition. It is the most peaceful place for tourists to make their life beautiful. The icebreaking thing of this island is 10 mile long Waimea canyon and Na Pali coast.


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