Top 15 Best Android Multiplayer Games Of All Time

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Android multiplayer games are here. Android gaming is constantly improving. Before that, we had general puzzle games and we could invite our Facebook contacts to be our friends in the games. Multiplayer games only mean leaderboards. There are now many games that support real multiplayer games, including real-time opt or PVP. In fact, most games these days have a kind of multiplayer element. If you’re looking for something to play with your friends, here’s the best Android multiplayer game! We also want to make an honorable mention of Dead by Dead, which has four online multiplayer versus some online gameplay mechanics.

1- Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D is one of the most multiplayer games on mobile. This is an MMORPG. It includes most of the things you expect. There are so many questions to ask, different classes, raid owners, cellars, and even some crafts here. What makes it clear is that it has the full support of the cross-platform. You can play it on a mobile or PC if you want. There are chats, raids, and even PvP that you can play with other people. There have been some hiccups since his release. However, this is a solid option overall.

Adventure Quest 3D

2- Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Game of Legends is the latest game in Game Loft’s popular arcade racing franchise. It plays like an old iteration. You unlock different cars, race against AI or human players, and take part in a variety of events. The online multiplayer is above average. Matches are usually fast and you can run from any of your vehicles. Non-PVP material is very extensive. You can spend a lot of time playing this game before the end. Also, the graphics are actually great and the mechanics are simple. Some complain that mechanics are a little too easy, but it’s an arcade game.

3- Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the new android multiplayer games on this list. This is surprisingly good. This is an online FPS game with a variety of multiplayer. It includes classic Call of Duty deathmatches as well as a 100-person battle royal mode like PUBG and Fortnight. The game also includes some light clutter elements as you gather celebrities from the game series and customize them with different weapons and gear skins. There are some bugs here and there, but they should pile up over time.

Call Of Duty: Mobile

4- Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an arcade platform. Your goal is to cross different roads and canals without dying. Your goal is to make it as long as possible. It has a variety of playable characters and local multiplayer modes. You and your friends can connect to a Wi-Fi network and then play a game together. It supports two to four players. This is not the strongest multiplayer ever. However, it is family-friendly and a fun way to spend some time. This is definitely one of the better local multiplayer games.

5- Legends Of Runeterra

Lions of Rontrara is one of the most advanced Android multiplayer games. This is a PvP style game with duplication, card collecting, and auto fighting elements. Players unlock cards, create decks, assign champions, and combine them. There are 24 champions and a bunch of cards. Furthermore, challenging but fun games give you ample opportunity to defeat your opponents. It’s F2P (free to play) friendly so you don’t have to spend money to have a good time. The game turned Hartstone on the list, but Hartstone is still a great choice in the genre.

6- Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular android multiplayer game of all time on any platform. You are left in a world created by chance and then you can do whatever you want. The game includes crossplay with Xbox One and PC. This means you can play with your friends anywhere. The game involves three modes: survival, realm, and creativity. Creativity doesn’t let you die for any reason. Survival methods developed bad people, food systems, and you could die. There is nothing better than looking for console-level quality in mobile gaming. It’s actually a PC and console game. The front price is game 6.99. In-app purchases are for character skins.


7- Old School Rune Scape

Old school Rune Scappe is, of course, an old android multiplayer game on this list. This is an MMORPG and a rarity in the Android space. It uses a subscription service instead of free elements to collect revenue and this is not what you see every day. The game itself is pretty good. You cross a huge world, ask a lot of questions, loot, trade with other players and fight a lot of bad guys. It has a large community and amazingly responsible developers. There is a free version of the game that is slightly smaller than its premium version. However, you really can’t be wrong in any way. The game is massive.

8- Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular multiplayer mobile game. Play players travel the real world in search of Pokemon, gym battles, and Pok Stop to replenish items. The game is technically a single player. However, gym fights, trainer fights, and just playing them with groups of people is perfectly viable. In fact, many people who play games only do so for the sake of social elements. The player base isn’t as big as it used to be, but in many places, there are formal Facebook groups for players to find each other.

Pokemon Go

9- PUBG Mobile And Fortnite

It didn’t take long for PUBG Mobile to climb the rating board for multiplayer games on mobile. It’s popular, fun, and works great on most modern devices. You go to the island with 99 other players. The last person standing wins. You can find all kinds of weapons and equipment on the island. Borders also gradually limit the playable area. That way, if you get bogged down in bonuses, the game will kill you. Fortnight launched on the Play Store in early 2020 and is very similar, but also with a blood mechanic. You can play either one and maybe have a decent multiplayer experience.

10- Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP: Renegade is probably the best game of racing. The campaign is entertaining and has a lot of events. Even one-story line, multiple wave runners to buy and upgrade. , And much more. The online multiplayer option is above average. Up to eight players can participate in head-to-head match-ups. It also supports split-screen multiplayer mode, hardware controllers, and more. There’s even a challenge mode where you can compete with your friends’ best times. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases and we love it.

11- Supercell Games

SuperCell recently developed some popular multiplayer games. His most successful films include Clash Royale, Clause of Clans, and Boom Beach. Clash of Clans and Boom Beach are strategy games. Players build bases and armies and fight each other for resources. Clash Royale is a card developing game similar to Hartstone. Each game has several active players. That means it’s not hard to find people to play with. His latest game is The Stars of Conflict, between a MOBA and the Byte Royal game. Although they are not perfect, and they change the balance of the game frequently. As long as you don’t mind, these games provide good experiences.

12- Teamfight Tactics

Team Fight Strategy is an auto-battle online PvP game. The game is easy to play. You assemble a group of champions and strategically deploy them on the battlefield to outdo your opponents. The game includes a group of champions, a League of Legends competition, and cross-platform play. The game depends on a bit of early learning and the changing meta disappoints some more experienced players. However, it is a small auto fighter and it is a fast game for those who want to play against other people, but not hours at a time.

Teamfight Tactics

13- Unkilled

The first skilled shooter is where you hunt zombies. This is a mission-based game with over 150 missions currently available (and growing). You will have weapons to collect and upgrade, weapons to take down various owners, and much more. Online multiplayer mode is a new addition, but still great. You can fight people in traditional PVP matchmaking. In addition, you can build zombie armies and attack other players’ bases. It’s like a combination of a total shot virus and a Clash of Clans. Mechanics and graphics are also above average.

14- Vainglory

Vainglory is the best MOBA based on mobile. It is among the android multiplayer games. For those unfamiliar with MOBA, your goal is to join forces with two other players and try to form another team. There will be a whole battlefield to play with, power-ups to get, and a lot of strategies to succeed. MSBAE Sports are very common and popular in color and Venglori is no different. Includes over 30 characters to unlock, different game modes, and numerous social elements. Or you can just play with the bots if you want. The decision is yours.

15- Zynga’s With Friends Games

Zynga has developed many good android multiplayer games. These include words with friends, something to draw, chess with friends, gems with friends, couples with friends, and their latest game, words with two friends. Each game lets you pair up with a friend or stranger in a competitive game. They are not very complicated games. However, they are family-friendly, easy to enter, and easy to play. All games allow you to easily log in to Facebook to find friends. They are not perfect, but they are friendly, easy-going, and fun kids to play with friends or relatives.

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