Top 15 Most Popular Luxury Brands Online

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Here are the top 15 most popular luxury brands online in the world.

1. Gucci

Gucci tops the list of the most popular luxury brands of 2020, well ahead of all its competitors. However, in 2020, the brand’s popularity is expected to decline slightly. Gucci’s online searches dropped 19% year-over-year.

This is partly due to the extraordinary run for the Italian fashion brand over the years. Wealthy millennials love the sharp design of the brand. The Italian luxury manufacturer maintains a particularly strong presence in the designer shoe market.

But other premium brands also started struggling against Gucci2020. Balenciaga, Valentino, Saint Laurent, and, in particular, Fendi, are all seeing their share of online popularity grow over the same period.


2. Louis Vuitton

The famous French luxury house Louis Vuitton, or LV, came in second on the list of the most popular high-end brands online. The brand’s popularity has grown, especially since streetwear designer Virgil Abloh became his male artistic director.

Louis Vuitton left behind a lot of hyped collaboration in various fields. Connect with thousands of luxury shoppers after working with New York cult streetwear brand Supreme, LV designed high-end wireless airbeds in partnership with premium audio company Master & Dynamic. These are just two examples of many broader collaborations to reach a new audience.

Louis Vuitton

3. Chanel

The French luxury fashion house channel is at the third point among luxury brands. Hewitt Cutter House increased its total value, however, with an estimated brand value of  9 billion.

Interestingly, despite minimal adoption of e-commerce, the channel is successfully investing in other areas of digital. The channel continues to thrive in digital luxury storytelling with thumb-down visuals and indie videos that interest the platforms. The luxury brand is leading the way in launching narrative-led and celebrity-driven campaigns for its audiences, but also behind-the-scenes and lesson-based content.


4. Rolex

Rolex is the fourth most popular luxury brand online this year. Swiss luxury watchmaker Rolex ranks fourth on our list, gaining a place in 2020. The world-renowned luxury watch company Forbes also ranks among the 100 most valuable brands in the world, with an estimated brand value of 9.1. Billion

As every year, new watch models are running most of the online conversation around Rox. The ever-growing market for vintage Rolex watches is also fueling the brand’s interest. Just take a look at the list of 15 most expensive Rolexes to see the interest of affluent consumers for rare pieces.


5. Dior

Dior ranks fifth on the list of best high-end brands. French luxury goods company Christian Dior, or simply Dior for short, earned two points on our Best Brands rating. Dior ranks fifth thanks to its exclusive collection and premium beauty product line.

Maria Grazia Chevrolet, who became the creative director of the French luxury brand in July 2016, brought a thousand years of friendly style to Dior. The “Jay Gaddy” branding on social media between her famous “We all have feminist” statement T-shirts and kittens’ heels and bags has attracted a lot of attention on Instagram and is now growing in popularity.


6. Balenciaga

Balenciaga came in sixth on our list. It is a, part of the French luxury group Kerning, confirms the place as one of the fastest-growing fashion luxury brands in the world. The fashion house came in sixth on our list with four points. This is the second-fastest moving thing.

Organized by designer Demna Goswalia, Blanesiga’s resettlement with a sense of streetwear and athleticism has attracted thousands of years and luxurious buyers of the Generation Z. Young consumers account for 60% of Blanciga’s customers. The brand’s bold and fashion-forward design is also driving Balenciaga’s popularity through fashion-inspired and runway shows.


7. Armani

Armani Online is a popular premium fashion brand that ranks seventh on our list. It is a privately-owned Italian luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani in 1975, ranked seventh on our list of the best luxury brands. The fashion house offers a wide range of designer products – from leather goods and ready-to-wear watches, shoes, jewelry, accessories, and much more.


8. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent jumped to the heights of numbers, mostly driven by his trendy Pert-Porter combination.
It was, founded in 1961, is a French luxury fashion house, and the second-largest brand of Kerning. It is also the fastest-growing brand in our rankings, ranking sixth on its list.

Yves Saint Laurent

9. Tiffany

Jewelry luxury brand Tiffany ranks ninth on our list. Tiffany & Co., a US top-end jewelry brand, made headlines in 2020 with a deal to buy through French luxury group LVMH. The brand of hard luxury jewelry is declining in our rankings, however, it ranks ninth in our list due to a decrease of three places.

Tiffany’s product range includes jewelry, crystals, stationery, water bottles, perfumes, and watches. The brand began selling a selection of styles online in partnership with NetNet-a-Porter (the first retailer to sell Tiffany online, outside of its own channels) to reach a new generation of customers.


10. Burberry

Burberry ranks tenth on our list. In our list of the best luxury brands, the British luxury brand Barbie came in at number ten with ten points. Premium Fashion House was founded in 1856 and is known around the world for its famous trench coat, which is ready to wear clothes, perfumes, fashion accessories, cosmetics, and sunglasses. Burberry draws attention to its anticipated digital retail space and its checking online video campaigns.


11. Hermès

Hermes is the eleventh most popular luxury brand online. Hermes is one of the rare remaining private luxury homes on the list of top brands. In 2020, the brand’s ranking tank, however, lost seven points to become number eleven. Offline, Hermes is enjoying the popularity of his timeless classics, such as the Birken Bag Explorer. But Hermes’s online efforts have not paid off.


12. Cartier

Outstanding legacy brand, Cartier ranks 12th on our list. Cartier is ranked twelfth on the list of most popular luxury brands online, lacking a place. The French luxury jewelry and watch brand produce a combination of highly polished videos and long-lasting designs.

Cartier appeals to the younger generation of luxury shoppers who want Cartier love bangles and panther watches and can easily buy them online. Cartier makes 43% of its sales to customers under the age of 35. This trend is even more pronounced in Asia, where more than half of their customers are millennials.


13. Prada

Prada lost some points, which is at number thirteen on our list. Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, the Italian luxury fashion house Prada is one of the industry’s most notable luxury brands.

It is the rise of athletic and designer shoes that pushed Prada to the top of the most popular luxury brands online in 2020. She successfully gained new interests with her inspiring marketing campaigns and new product lines by partnering with Adidas for her popular footwear.


14. Fendi

Italian fashion brand Fendi tops our list, ranking 14th. Fendi is the only new entrant on our list this year. The Italian luxury fashion house, which is part of LVMH, finished 14th in 2020 with three points. The brand’s popularity stems from high celebrity adoption and social media mentions.

Formed in Rome in 1925, Fendi began as a fur and leather goods designer. The company grew rapidly as the family business continued. In 1965, Carl Lagerfeld joined Fendi and gave a real boost to the brand’s design. In 2001, the LVMH Group acquired Fendi and financed the global expansion of the luxury brand.


15. Lancome

The only beauty brand on our list is Lancome. Premium beauty brand Lancome dropped two points to 15th on our list. Part of L’Oreal Paris, Linkem is a French luxury perfume and cosmetics house. Lancome is the first and only pure beauty luxury brand in the list of the most popular luxury brands online.

Linkem’s digital performance is offset by high-quality site editorial content and videos uploaded to its site. Lancome has collaborated with some of YouTube’s most famous stars, including Estee Lalonde, and has invested in display and video advertising. The inbox video series generated more than 1.5 million views for the release of La Y East Ballet.


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