Top 20 Most Famous Canadians People From

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If you google famous Canadians people, you’ll find your usual famous suspects (Celine Devon, Justin Bieber, Drake, Ryan Gosling), No, learn some of the world’s most famous actors, musicians, and fashion figures, they are also from the land of maple syrup and ketchup chips.

Celine Dion

1- Celine Devon

Carlebach, Charlemagne, a suburb of Montreal, is a predominantly French-speaking city, where Queen Celine was born and raised. This explains her heavy accent and interest in publishing most of her Instagram captions in both English and French.

2- Sandra oh

Gree’s Anatomy and Killing Avon Star was born in the Nappan area of ​​Ottawa. He is among the famous Canadians people.

3- Justin Bieber

One of the world’s greatest pop stars, Bieber was born in London, Ontario, and raised in Stratford, Ontario. This is where he was discovered by manager Scooter Brown, who saw him singing clips of Tunis Babes on YouTube.

4- Nina Dobrev

Dobrev Nikolina Kaminova Dobreva was born in Bulgaria but moved to Toronto when she was a child. Like Drake, he rose to prominence before entering the mainstream. With his role in the hit Canadian series Degrassi.The Next Generation, starring in CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

5- Keanu Reeves

Reeves was born in Lebanon and lived all over the world before his mother settled in Toronto, where Reeves lived until he was 20 years old. Although her parents were American and English, Reeves is a Canadian citizen.

6- Dwayne Johnson

Although he was not born in Canada, Johnson can technically identify himself as Canadian because his father was born in Nova Scotia and moved to Toronto as a teenager. Due to changes in Canada’s citizenship law, Rock became a Canadian citizen in 2009, who obtained dual citizenship with the United States, he is clearly proud, as he paid tribute to the nation on IG in 2017 Was, and the city of Vancouver announced on October 19. “Dwayne the Rock Johnson Day.”

7- Winnie Harlow

The supermodel was born in Toronto and told Hello Magazine ahead of the 2018 Victoria’s Secret fashion show that she “really has the honor of representing Canada. It’s an amazing country.” Thank them. ”

8- Drake

The rap superstar was born in Toronto and rose to fame in the Canadian TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

9- Shay Mitchell

This cute little liar was born in Mississauga, Ontario.

10- Ryan Gosling

Gosling was born in 1980 in London, Ontario, and is widely regarded as one of Canada’s hottest exports.

11-Pamela Anderson

The former Watches star was born in Leeds, Colombia. She moved to Vancouver in 1988 and worked as a fitness instructor before covering Playboy in 1989 and moving to LA.

12- The Weeknd

The pop and R&B star, whose real name is Able Tesfi, was born in Toronto and was born in the Scarborough District, on the eastern edge of the city.

13- Seth Rogen

The comedian and actor were born in Vancouver and has said he wants to be Canadian rather than American. “I was in Canada until I was 18,” he said.

14- Taylor Russell

The 25-year-old actor, best known for the award-winning IndieViews and Netflix’s Los Loot in Space reboot, had “$ 3 in my bank account” when she completed a 15-hour job at Amazon’s warehouse. Her hometown of Vancouver before moving to LA with the settlement received from the accident.

15- Michael Cera

The indie actor was born in Brampton, Ontario, and appeared in commercials before starring in the sixth-grade Alien of the Canadian children’s show.

16- Avril Lavigne

It’s not complicated: French-Canadian singers were born in Belleville, Ontario. In 2020, he started a new song in honor of COVID-19 frontline workers during a Canada Day broadcast.

17- Kiefer Sutherland

24 Star – The son of successful actor Donald Sutherland, has deep Canadian roots: his grandfather was Tommy Douglas, a Scottish-Canadian politician who is widely admired for his universal healthcare in Canada.

18- Anna Paquin

The New Zealand-Canadian actor was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and was born in Wellington, New Zealand, before moving to LA during his youth. Paquin is the second-youngest Oscar winner in history, having won Best Supporting Actress at the age of 11 on The Piano in 1993.

19- Joshua Jackson

Born in Vancouver, the actor recently paid tribute to the support of frontline workers in his hometown during COVID-19. He is also among the famous Canadians people.

20- Kim Cattrall

Sex and City Star were born in England before his family emigrated to Courtney, British Columbia when he was a child. He is among the famous Canadians people.

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