Top 5 Easiest Ways To End Shattered Web’s Week 3 Missions

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1- Get Ten Kills in Fly Scotsman

Web’s week 3 missions include Scotsman gravity mission mode, in which the gravity is lowered and is played by the elimination method. Once the player is killed, they will have to wait till the start of the next round. This is a difficult mode and will be very tough for beginners. The player has to play cowardly for surviving till the end which is not an honorable thing to do but will enhance your playing skills slowly. This mode is quite interesting and tricky at the same time. The player will have to judge the jumping accuracy of the opponent.

Get Ten Kills in Fly Scotsman

2- Spend 5000 Cash in a Single Danger Zone Match

Just like CS: GO, this is also a battle royale mode. Spending 5000 dollars for a game seems quite a big amount, but if you are a professional in this game, it will be okay for you. If you want to save your money, you will have to stay alive in this game and order equipment. Web’s week 3 missions will include tip number two, which is taking only the fights you think you can win. So, playing against beginners will do the thing. Only engage in the fights which you thing is easy to take and if you feel the danger of being killed, you can run for your life.

3- Get 30 Kills in Guardian: Office

Like last week’s Guardian missions, two players will have to fight waves of enemies until you kill 30 people. Unlike the last two weeks, though, you are not limited to any particular weapon. Makes this mission a piece of cake.

The easiest way to catch these stars is to feed one member of the team all the casualties. Once they can, they should catch a negro while the other player literally does something else. When a member has a laser beam, 30 deaths are instantaneous. The other member still has to grab a Molotov to help with one of the heavy rounds, but Negio is still so broken that you need to defeat this week’s Guardian mission.

4- Get 10 Rounds Win In Competitive: Office

Welcome to Operation, your first Operation Hostage map for all new players out there. The office is the same map used for this week’s Guardian mission, so if the player has done them in order, they will already be familiar with the general idea. CT has to be held hostage at an evacuation site while T-Side has tried to stop them. However, the competitive office is quite different from the casual animal. Office players don’t just play office. They live and breathe the office.

If you are not one of these players, try to complete this mission during the end times, where you and other CSOs are trying to complete 99% of the mission. Players only need to win the round, so the easiest way is to eliminate the enemy team. Don’t worry about the hostages. If you are unaware, it will take some time to learn all the angles, but once you play one or two goals in the office, it can start to grow on you.

Get 10 Rounds Win In Competitive: Office

5- Get 16 Round Win In Wingman: Vertigo

Wingman is not everyone’s thing, but once again it is an easy mission with a three-star reward. Unless you’re a Vertigo god, it’ll take two or three matches to complete. Wingman trains the best of the competitive game, attacking the man-made site and getting it back on track.

CT prefers to have T-mid from the palettes, so be sure to flash if you choose the upper path from T-spawn to A. Similarly, T likes to run fast in the middle, so encouraging a teammate on the left stack near the CT spawn can throw your goal long enough to hit a long shot and spin.

The ramp can be rough, especially if you don’t know any three-way smoking. That said, T-side players can usually go on scaffolding and either stop the CT push or be aggressive if the CT recognizes itself. If a player decides to take the ramp, the orange box at the back of the site is a typical CT camping spot.

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