Top 5 Highest Paid Actors in Hollywood

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All of us love to watch movies. We enjoy movies in any situation; some of us are big fans of movies. Some people watch movies in all the spare time at home; others want to go to cinemas to see the movies. Due to these people, movies earn hundreds billions of dollars on each time the movie played in cinemas. Due to these situations, the producers sign the best actors, because for fans, the actors are the main reason of watching the movie.

1. Robert Downey Jr

Downey is the very first highly paid Hollywood actor. He is very famous for his effortless work in industry. He is a shining star in hit franchise “Iron Man”, also he serves in “Sherlock Holmes” and in Avengers. Rumours are there that he will be seen in the upcoming movie Captain America: Civil War.

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is very talented actor; his acting skills win many hearts. He gave stunning performance in American snipper. He was voted as World’s sexiest man in 2011. He has done many famous movies including 1st 2nd and 3rd part of Hangover, burnt and Limitless.

3. Vin Diesel

He didn’t do many movies, but he did a great job in fast and furious 7. In fast and furious he earned approximately $47 million. The movie made him the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

4. Adam Sandler

He did best job in comedic movies; he is one of the funniest actors of Hollywood. Comedy is his passion, not only profession. His movies hit the screen twice a year. Some of his hit movies are described below such as Pixels, Blended and you don’t mess with the Zohan.

5. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the famous actors. This is obvious that everyone have seen a tom cruise movie. He worked as the leading role in iconic mission impossible series. Also, he is the highest paid Hollywood actor. He is most good looking man in the world right now.

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