Top Best Home Workout Programs For Yoga

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1.DDP Yoga

DDP yoga is not conventional yoga,it is half breed exercise that joins some of conventional exercises and include dynamic breathing techniques,dynamic opposition and power development to make for an all more testing and result situated exercises

It is the best workout in home which give us so many tools to our own life and make the best of the rest.


Insanity is that type of workout that requires no equipments or gym.It is totally body workout which we can exercise at home by using own body weight for resistance.Insanity program contain 10 workouts.Insanity change the life of oerson and keep that person physically fit.


Power 90 Extreme  is a home exercise regulation which was invented by Tony Horton in 2005.P90X can give you fit and tore body in just ninty days.It is the most effective program which changes all area of fitness.


FOCUS T 25 is similar to insanity,which is intense full body routine.It is just 25 minutes program a day.FOCUS T25 contain 10 different workout.It was created by fitness trainer named Shaun Thompson.It gives amazing result to get a fit body.

5.The Asylum

In Asylum workout program you will burn 1000 calories per workout which will lead to lose weight in just thirty days.The workout is forty-five minute long.If a person is over eight the asylum is vey useful to lose weight.

6.Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire is cardio exercise which is focused on HIIT interims to get you the most calorie consume in the briefest measure of time.It can help to burn 10 times more fat than the typical crdio workout.Turbo Fire is good workout for beginners.

7.Body Beast

Body Beast contain 11 extreme workout and valuable fitness tool which will help to lose weight and to get healthy body.It is weight training,muscle defining and fat burning  programing that has many benefical impacts on body.


P90X2 is a cutting edge fitness program.The main focous of P90X2 is on mobility,strength,balance and explosive power.It is ninty day program.It makes the body stronger and flexible and less vunerable to injury in daily life.

9.Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs is dance home based fitness program which has the deuration of thirty days.This fitness program is designed to burn  fat and sculpt your abs without doing crunches and sit-ups.It is very easy to follow.Hip hop Abs do not require any equipments and total time of workout is about fifteen to twenty minutes a day.

10.Les Mills Combat

Les Mills Combat is art inspired and high energy martial.It is fifty-five minutes workout program in a day that will help to burn approximately 675 calories.

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