Top Fashion Trends To follow 2019

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1.Trucker Jackets

A trucker jacket is simply a jean jacket. If you are looking for something new then you can add a trucker jacket in your wardrobe. It is in these days. This classical jacket is that type of jacket that anyone can wear with anything if it is in combination with skinny jeans or casual shirts.

The trucker jacket will give u a new look this year. You can also wear as unbuttoned on the top with jeans and u are ready to go.

2.Long shirts

People who are not comfortable in wearing shorts shirts, which were previously in, have good news. Long shirts are again in fashion. You can pair long short with cigarett pant as cigarett pant look best with a long shirt. Also, a long flowy gown is also in trend this year.

3.Chikankari  straight-cut shirts

You need to keep an eye on these new trends that will bring changes to your looks. Straight cut shirts are now in trend. This type of shirt can b paired with bold dupatta for a heavy look with straight pants for gatherings.

4.Tassels and frills.

This year keep on experimenting with new looks that will match with your personality. Tassels are the finishing features in cloth and fabrics. Any light shirt or dupatta becomes heavier when frills and tassels are added to it. Tassels and frills with dupattas, on shirts, are quiet these days. Tassels on boxy top look classical.


Accessories are something without which the look is incomplete.No matter what type of accessory you are wearing it will give you a complete look. Bucket bags,gold-studded wallet bags and bag with long strips are in trends.

Jumkis are very in these days even though jumkis are very traditional although people wear traditional shalwar kameez but u can also wear with jeans and top which look very classy. You can also add watches in your accessories, chain bracelets, rings and necklaces.

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