Touch You Heart: Drama Review Of A Non-Korean Fan

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The K-drama fans have been waiting for the reunion of our dear ‘Goblin’ couple for a while. Our favourite Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na are finally together and smashing. But it is not just about them but the whole drama altogether. This is my review of the drama episode wise. I will try really hard on not going in the story.


Oh Yoon Seo is was a voguish actress, until she got involved in a scandal that caused the destruction of her whole career. She would do anything to get her life back. Even if she is required to do a job in a law firm for three months. She has no choice but to secretly work as the great Kwon Jung Rok’s secretary while saving herself from the public eye. Kwon Jung Rok is the ace attorney of the law firm. He has high credibility among his clients and is known to win almost every case. With all the burden of piles of cases, he is granted with an inexperienced secretary, that too the famous celebrity. Will they be able to get in good terms of perhaps getting closer? Despite all this, there is danger lurking in the dark of Oh Yoon Seo’s past ready to hunt on her.

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Episode 1

Oh Yoon Seo is introduced as an actress whose popularity decided to fall back to the ground after a scandal. Even with the hardships of life, she seems like a strong person who is getting a hang of everything. As any other K drama fan, I was really excited to see the protagonist character in the drama. It took me some time to get a hang of Yoo In Na’s charming bubbly character. Maybe it is because of the fact that last time I saw her on Goblin, her character was quite different and headstrong. Nevertheless, she did a great job in adapting the role. I loved when they gave a reference from the ‘Descendents of the Sun’.

Lee Dong Wook also gave a smashing first appearance in the court nailing the trial. To be honest, the character demand in this drama was pretty similar to that of Gobin. All he has to do is keep a poker face. Not getting in the story, the first meeting of the two is memorable all thanks to Oh Yoon Seo. I kind of felt like the episode was dragged. Obviously, because they took their good time in introducing the characters.

Episode 2

To be honest there is not much of story advancement in this episode. The relationship between the protagonist is progressing. But one thing I absolutely loved about this episode is the background music when Yoon Seo falls drunk walking. The music is not so Korean, but so catchy, that I was forced to rewind the scene just to enjoy the music.

One significant thing about the episode is that a different side of Kwon Jung Rok is shown that confirms that he has feelings. Although he has done something absurd with the lady, the humane side of the character is shown as he feels guilty. But this is mainly because almost everyone in his office tried to hammer some conscious into him. This worked like a catalyst in progressing their relationship to the point where Kwon Jung Rok accepts Oh Yun Seo as his secretary.

Other characters on the drama flourish with every scene giving an in-depth view of their character. The story is also progressed beyond the meeting of the protagonist with few glances of cases the lawyers deal with.

Episode 3

Despite accepting Yun Seo as his secretary, he continues giving her a hard time, all for her. I loved the scene when Jung Rok took Yun Seo all wrapped up for a meeting with a prosecutor. It was like he was looking for a way to become a hero. That was the moment that got me thinking; do all men do an x-ray of their idols enough to recognise them in a veil? I asked myself the same question but decided not to answer it.

Korean dramas portray the perfect love out there. I have noticed in many dramas that even though the girl does not do anything, the guy is bound to fall for her. It’s like, the gut has met countless girls but there was something different about this one, which the audience fail to notice (because there may be none). That is not the case in this one. There are a lot of factors that Jung Rok is noticing about Yun Seo that he finds attractive.

Another thing to be noticed in this episode is that bullying does not depend upon your age. One can bully the other even if he or she is senior of about 35 or even 40. Jung Rok’s prosecutor friend Yoo Yeo Reum faces difficulty when she took the case her senior wanted. Picking up her past life and her break up in front of her to get on her nerves surprised me. That is so immature! This kind of bullying reminds me of high school.

An actress doing hard work by studying law motivates me that I can that I can at least study what I am supposed to. Besides, Yun Seo is famous for having a great memory, I have a feeling that it would prove to be worthwhile in the future.

Kim Yoon Ha’s case (student accused of fraud) proved to be the case that bought both protagonists together. Yun Seo’s positivity is solving everything.

Episode 4

Even though Yun Seo and Jung Rok are innocent about everything, they still manage to go together on a proper date on weekend. As expected, Jung Rok really has no sense of romanticism at all. Despite all this, Yun Seo can’t help but fall for him. The main story progress with progress in their relationship. However, the stalker case was a glimpse of whats coming ahead. The ending was scary. Stalking is scary.

One thing this drama has emphasised a lot on is the environment of a family in the workplace. Everyone is kind and happy and the picture of a perfect place to work on is painted. That is probably because they love their work.

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