Travelling pleasure — Travelling as a Hobby — And as a part of Education

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Travelling is a great source of knowledge and pleasure. It has much educational value as well. While travelling we visit different places and meet new people. In this way we learn about their culture, tradition, etc. Many educational institutions organise educational tours for their students so that they may learn about new things. In the Western countries traveling among the young people, boys and girls is a popular hobby as well.

Travelling is a pleasure. One can get relaxation from his daily routine. It gives us chance to meet our relatives and friends who live away from us. It also gives us opportunity to meet new people and get acquainted with their new customs and traditions. We can also eat different kinds of eatables while travelling.

Reading travel books is also good source to know about other countries. But by traveling we can see the things with our own eyes. Most of the books gives second rate account of those places, whereas by travelling to those places we get the first hand knowledge.

We visit many historical places by traveling. We can also see and lean more about their importance. Similarly we can see many other places of tourist interest. Travelling in the mountainous areas is also a great experience.
According to Bacon “Travelling in the young is part of education, in the elder part of experience”. The young can gain a lot by travelling. They can learn more about local customs languages, culture etc. Traveling is also a great source to be social and to mix with other people.

One can also become free from narrow mindedness and prejudices. A person who travels less or seldom remains passive and full of prejudices and narrow mindedness.

Travelling promotes the spirit of brotherhood, traveling and intermixing of different communities removes these many narrow prejudices, social and political evils like casteism, communalism, etc because when people travel in buses, trains etc they meet many new persons, and there they can also share amd try to understand others point of view.

In the same way, travelling to foreign countries also gives us a lot of experience and pleasure. By this way we know about development and progress and their culture. Travelling abroad develops sprit of universal brotherhood and cosmopolitanism.

Lack of communication among the people of different countries is the main cause their misunderstanding and disputes. Travelling is thus a great source to remove these problems.

Traveling gives us first-hand information about our own country as well as foreign countries. Like our family is developed in the world. We also become smart, alert and knowledgeable.

Traveling is wonderful training of mind and spirit. World’s great travellers like Ibnai batuta, Columbus and Saadi Shirazia, have been men of great renown. They acquired knowledge above men through travel and become great discoverers, poets, and experienced men of the world.

As a hobby, travelling keeps us busy during leisure time; it is best way to utilities time. Travelling may be an expensive hobby, but it compensates the financial loss. Dull routine is broken and a person feels fresh physically and mentally. Travelling is a good hobby, it is absorbing, educational and refreshing to the soul, mind and body.

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