True Detective Finale Season 3 Explained

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The finale of Tru Detective season 3 ended up with a pretty much satisfactory result. They gave us answers to the huge question lingering on the viewers’ mind; What occurred with Will and Julie Purcell? The backstory goes with two children went off to ride their bicycles in a small town Arkansans and disappeared in 1980. Will’s body was tracked down the next night at a nearby cave and her sister went missing. Who really killed him and kidnapped his sister?

The Purcell case would most definitely torment detectives Wayne Hays and Roland West for decades. Sunday’s season finale, however, managed to answer these questions, even though they won’t be that clear that which of those answers are fully certain of the matter.

The Incident

As Hays and West began their investigation after 35 years, everything directed to an obsession of a mentally sick woman who belonged to a powerful local family. It was started when she lost her husband and daughter in a car accident. Isabel Hoyt recognised Purcell children at a company picnic. The children were bought there by Hoyt employee Lucy Purcell. Isabel, somehow, managed to befriend the kids by working with their caretaker Junius Watts.

That day in 1980, Isabel strive to bring Julie home with her. As a result of which, Will fight back to protect her sister. The scuffle ended up taking his life when he fell backwards smashing his head to a rock. Junius give deception to the young girl, saying that her brother would be fine, leaving his body in the cave. Isabel then flees with Julie and keep her in ‘pink room’ in Hoyt’s estate, where she drugged her for years with lithium. Julie’s mother Lucy, however, knew prior to the occurrence. Isabel had been anticipated to adopt the girl. Also, paid off the mother to keep her quiet. She was also helped by Officer Harris James who framed Brett Woodard in 1980, also Tom Purcell in 1990.

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Mystery Explained

All this leads to one big mystery; how did Julie really managed to escape the vicious lady? As Junius reveals to the detectives Hays and West, he helped Julie breakout after she began questioning about her emerging memories of her brother and the outer world. This actually led the case to reopen in 1990. After escaping, Julie headed to a convent, where she apparently died of HIV in 1995. Hays, however, deduces that her death was probably a coverup by the convent’s nuns in order to help her live a life other than the dreadful past. Driven by the memory of his late wife, Amelia, Hays reckon that Julie probably got together with her old schoolmate and had a daughter. He also tracks them down to some other town of  Arkansas called Greenland.

But when he pulls over to the house he suspects is Julie’s house, he experiences another memory slip and forgets why is he here and even who is the woman. Conclusively, he does not close the case, but its still a happy ending because he reunites with West and his own children. The season ends when Hays recall a significant memory of him proposing to Amelia, followed by a vignette of a soldier he was once, fading away into Vietnam jungle.

Ultimately, our great Detective Hays is standing right next to the very girl he obsessively tried to track down for decades and he doesn’t know. But we do the truth, or do we?

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