Venice; A Gondola Ride Back In Time

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Venice is like a skilful magician. It makes marble palaces vanish into silent fogs, labyrinthine calli (streets) disappear at the whip of moody tides, and can even turn the most pedestrian of people into fantastical, masked creatures. Just like its world-famous Carnevale, Venice thrives on the mystery. Read about the places in this beautiful place that would make you wish to go there.

1. Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the famous canal of Venice, which also the major water-traffic corridor in the city. Public transport is provided by water buses and private water taxis, for everyday wheeled cars, it’s adventurous. Exploring the canal by gondola gives close to local experience to the tourists. The banks of the Grand Canal are lined with more than 170 buildings, most of which date from the 13th to 18th century, which demonstrate the welfare and art created by the Republic of Venice. The noble Venetian families face huge expenses to show off their richness.

2. St. Mark’s Square

Venice’ principal square is full of history surrounded by great architecture. Several of Venice’s major sights are located here due to which the square is often crowded with tourists. The infamous Pizza San Marco (English translation St. Mark’s Square) was constructed in the ninth century as a small square dotted with trees. The square was laid out in the front of original St. Mark’s Basilica, at the time a small chapel which was part of the Doges Palace.

3. Bridges Of Sighs

Among numbers of bridges in Venice, Bridges of sighs is among the famous ones. The enclosed bridge is made up of while limestones which attract many tourists. Although this bridge was used as the passageway for the prisoners that would take a glimpse of the bridge for the last time before their execution, this bridge is still beautiful. Many say that it is the most beautiful place in all of Venice, and it is a must see for anyone visiting Italy’s most romantic city.

Bridges Of Sighs

4. Doge’s Palace

The symbolic building of Venice is the gem of gothic architecture. It was the centre of power, from where the Venetian Republic was ruled. The Dog’s palace sits on the site that was once occupied by a 10th-century wooden stockade with watchtowers and moat, and later another similar fort, both eventually destroyed the fie and other disasters. By the fourteenth century, the hierarchy of Venice decided that a grand palace was needed, a building befitting the city’s new wealth and power, hence, new designs of Doge’s palace were created.

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5. Burano

Listed as one of the top ten most colourful cities in the world, Burano is definitely the experience every tourist of Venice should go through. The colourful houses of the fishermen lie beside the water gives a beautiful view of the stream. The island of Venice is perfect for the local experience with children riding bikes and elderly ladies embroider, making the infamous lace of Burano. The celebrated fish dishes would surely give you the experience of life among beautiful people.

Hard to believe but it’s real!

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