What Is The World Doing For New Year 2019

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As the day of the new year come closer, the pressure of making the best day of the year increases. There is a whole list of amazing celebrations that the world has arranged for this special day.

If you are confused about celebrating one or even curious what the world is up to for the new year, you are in the right place!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour lights up with lasers, choreographed LEDs explosion and fireworks along with the amazing music on the tick of new year. This extraordinary show can easily be enjoyed on one of many rooftops in that area and traditional junk on the water.

Other than that you can stay in Hong Kong in the places that are relatively quiet but allows you to enjoy as much new year. One of which is the Kowloon side of the water which gives the same amount of view and enjoyment, with much less crowd. Wooloomooloo, a famous steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui offers the view from its 21st floor that can be enjoyed from the balcony. Another fabulous spot is Red Sugar the Kerry Hotel’s swanky cocktail lounge, that presents the view from its expensive outdoor terrace.

USA, New York City

Among many amusing places on New York, Times Square may not be on top of the list of recommended places to spend last moments of 2018, but it cannot be ignored that it is archetypal NYE in NY. If you are thinking to do it, do it from the Renaissance Hotel’s R lounge, which gives a matchless view of that famous building of Times Square on which the ball drops.

Moreover, at Prospect Park, there is free live music and fireworks. If you want, you can go for something edgier like the house of Yes in up-and-coming Bushwick where live sculptures and aerial acrobats all night. Moreover, Burning Man’s Bubbles & Bass camp at five am will be in charge of Champagne morning-after party. Still want to go for another theme? How about hipster? NYC shindig is a space-themed rave in Williamsburg warehouse with some trippy installation that would really make your day.

Scotland, Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland is well-known for the three days Hogmanay Extravaganza starts off on 30th December. What makes this event unique in its own way it the Viking-style torchlights that enlighten along the Royal Mile. The awaited nights includes Franz Ferdinand 7 BV concerts in the gardens, which wraps up in time that gives unmatched views of midnight fireworks over Edinburg Castle. The neighbouring street party dances on into 2019 under the lead of  Judge Jules. This event is followed by live music in the New Year’s Day and traditional fancy-dress dip in freezing Firth of Fourth ( commonly known as loony Dook).

Scotland, Edinburgh Hogmany Gogle-News
Hogmany in Scotland

The natives of Edinburg have the doubting nature about the weather hence not many of them could be found at the official Hogmanay festivities. They would rather hedge their bets with indoor glee before trapping a free spot to enjoy the Castle’s midnight display. Numerous great pubs can be found on boho Stockbridge that offers laid-back pub grub added with the facility. The tradition continues with wee dram or two which is relished by folk music at The Baillie Bar, which is the nearby basement joint. Tailing behind is a trip to Inverleith Park, which gives the unparalleled view of the countdown fireworks in the city.

Australia, Sydney

The infamous Sydney Harbour’s firework extravaganza is relished by more than a million people gathered across the foreshore. However, the idea to join the boatfuls of partygoers floating on the water top that. You can easily rent out a boat and bring along your own bubbles that lead to starting the countdown early. Landlubbers may favour booking an outside table at one of the waterfalls restaurants in the front row at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

If you have a mood for something different then just plan your day at the Cockatoo Island and setup moonlight picnic in the planning of the show. The option always stays there to glamp for the night, as long as you already book it in advance.

Denmark, Copenhagen

At the strike of 12, the Town Hall Square is filled up with the rowdy of usually quite Danes, BYOB (bring your own bottle) of popping champagne corks, fizzing Roman candles and whooshing rockets. That is one celebration! For people with slightly different taste, Twinkly Tivoli Gardens enlightens the sky with its own fireworks Festival, which is accompanied by its restaurants serving the New Year’s dinner and roller coasters. Besides, there are plenty of glogg stalls to serve you liquid courage.

Many people prefer hedonism on New Year’s Eve and light up the sky with their own fireworks just after midnight. Queen Louise’s Bridge is a favoured local spot to experience the mayhem, which is loud and nerve-wracking, located across the lake in the heart of the city.

Spain, Barcelona

People of Barcelona are famous for being night owl, hence they really don’t really gather up until about 11 pm. That is when the gathering assemble at Plaça de Catalunya to watch the pyrotechnics on Montjuïc (a famous hill in Spain, Barcelona). Just a few yards from there, a grand dance party is held until 6 am in Poble Espanyol-an open-air architectural museum.

Spain, Barcelona Gogle-News
Amazing Fireworks in Barcelona

Eating grapes on every chime is weird enough-the whole crowd really do it. Another tradition that highlights the celebration in Barcelona is throwing their Cava bottles into the middle of the square at the ring of the arrival of New year. The whole crowd actually do it. If it sounds a little frightening, try the most popular club; Pasha, that keep rocking from 12:01 am to 06:45 am. You can even go to Sala Apolo which is loved for resisting the scandalous New year price hikes. The party starts here at 12:30 am.

Germany, Berlin

Berlin is proud to organize one of Europe’s largest outdoor celebrations. This convention sees around a million people gathering that can stretch up to 1.6 miles. The energy is truly buzzing at this stupendous open-party that spreads between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. The best thing about it is that it’s free (I mean who can ignore anything that is free) and keeps kicking until 3 am. Live music, lase shows, food DJs and of course fireworks makes the day of people in Berlin.

Without a doubt, Berlin is not at the shortage of amazing world-class clubs, however, the rooftop garden at House of Weekendcomes has its own to Celebrate New year, entertaining their guests giving some of the astounding views of pyrotechnics and city’s skyline.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Impromptu street frolics is an important event for the event of New year in Amsterdam. People of Amsterdam are always ready down-to-party, especially on this memorable event. If you are looking for a well-founded place to spend New year at, it’s the Magere Brug ( A famous bridge in Amsterdam). The moments of merrymakers become special when they watch the countdown fireworks together enlighting the sky over the River Amsel, after which they proceed to celebrate the event all across the town. Nieuwmarkt is notably known for its rambunctious atmosphere.

The party goers and EDMs heads over to the all-time famous place to be in Amsterdam calledGashouder. It would keep on rocking and partying until 8 am.

Portugal, Lisbon

The great blowout in the capital of Portugal at Praça do Comércio is remembered the whole year by the people who attend it. The typical Portuguese history continuous and the fiesta runs late where the live music starts to boom in the air around 10 and pursues after midnight fireworks. With many locals armed with their own cups found dancing and drinking, that place not really feel like a tourist trap

When the word comes about the party locale, Lisbon’s central Bairro Alto district would always be suggested. The celebrators and partygoers usually head there after the Praça do Comércio fireworks. This neighbourhood is also famous for some outstanding fado houses, where you can enjoy traditional Portuguese music with an amazing dinner. Some of the popular spots include Cafe Luso and O Faia (Be sure to have a lot of money!).


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